Links doing funny things on PCA forums

  Covergirl 08:12 02 Sep 2011

Wind Chimes, love them or hate them

Clicking the Title link takes me to Page 1 of 5 of Post No 294130 started by countryboy in July 2007.

Clicking the Last Post link (which currently says 14 hours ago) takes me to Page 3 of 3 of Post No 385453, last post (by Condom on a year old thread - Tchhh!) started by Lotvic in Aug 2010.

Both links specify post number

  wiz-king 08:15 02 Sep 2011

Some posts have been removed by the FE

  birdface 09:02 02 Sep 2011

It was a new user opening old threads with a complaint about their neighbours Wind chimes and wanting everyone to complain about it.

I could see his point though I would not like it if my neighbour had one.

My Sister in Law has one but conveniently her bedroom is at the front of the house and the wind chimes are at the back.

  Covergirl 12:40 02 Sep 2011

OK, some posts have been removed but the two links both against the same article link through to different threads with identical titles ?

Who cares - as long as it's just the once every now and again :)

As for windchimes - our neighbour recently "garden grabbed", building and overshadowing OUR garden and reducing OUR privacy, so I hope he enjoys the windchimes we bought specially to brighten up his hot summer nights.

If he asks nicely we might remove them . . .

  Forum Editor 19:08 02 Sep 2011

You'll often find that old threads appear near the top of the forum list, apparently for no reason. Someone's name will appear in the 'last response' box with a very recent time next to it, yet when you click to go to the last post you find that it was made by someone completely different, and often several years ago.

The reason - as explained by wiz-king and buteman - is that spammers come here and run searches for threads which deal with topics related to whatever it is they're trying to sell. They revive an old thread and post their spam message(s) in it. I delete the spam (and ban the person concerned), but the thread information still shows their username and the time of their post, and it stays high in the listing for a while.

Forum members who don't notice the original thread posting date think that it's current, and make their own contribution.

  Aitchbee 20:07 02 Sep 2011

buteman and wiz-king, well-done! and FE.

  Aitchbee 20:42 02 Sep 2011

Covergirl - this is a sound issue also.I recently visited my sister and I was having a cup of tea. I said "You've left your tap's like Japanese torture!" She said "It's just the fish tank".

  Covergirl 12:12 05 Sep 2011

Not so much about spam posts getting deleted but thanks for the info FE. Actually, I should have been able to work this out on my own - I must be getting old.

As it was, both links from the summary page were pointing towards different threads, but this has now been fixed so I will tick it complete.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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