VoG II 22:18 05 Nov 2005

FAO the design team.

Well done by the way.

Any chance of a link back to the room (e.g. Helproom) at the bottom as well as the top of a thread?

  powerless 23:04 05 Nov 2005


  stalion 23:54 05 Nov 2005


  Forum Editor 00:00 06 Nov 2005

watch the site next week, we'll see what we can do.

  007al 00:53 06 Nov 2005

whats wrong with the back button?
i got a logitech 518 mouse,so the buttons at my thumb hehe

  jack 11:06 06 Nov 2005

I find that the 'back arrow/button' presents the
page in th machine - ie as it was- before the current page- I assume VoG and FE mean beck to helproom in its updated form.

  Forum Editor 14:04 06 Nov 2005

You're referring to the back arrow on your browser toolbar. VoG™ is suggesting a link back to the appropriate forum area from the bottom of each thread - in addition to the one we already have at the top (Forums >> Speakers Corner). That would provide the latest version of the page, with any new threads posted, whereas the browser back button doesn't - it shows you the page that's cached on your computer.

VoG™'s suggestion is good, in that a bottom link would save having to scroll back to the top of a page after reading the last post in a longish thread.

  Forum Editor 14:28 06 Nov 2005

Jack's post explains why your suggestion isn't valid - your method will produce the cached page, which isn't what's required. I've deleted your subsequent silly post - the one in which you used all the available space in a futile attempt at humour.

  Alan2 21:10 06 Nov 2005

For what it's worth. I'll stick to the back button to go back to the cached forum page as I tend to read threads by working my way down the page viewing the interesting ones as I go - so I like to get back to the place I departed from to continue.

On completion I refresh the forum page to see what's new.

  Chegs ® 03:16 07 Nov 2005

I agree its a good idea that shouldn't be to difficult to arrange(?),as there is already the various forums listed top left of the page and also the part of the forum your presently viewing listed at the top of the thread your reading.Just move the top of thread listing to the bottom of the thread.Is it also possible to cancel the return back to thread page 1 when posting on longer threads? This might go a little way to curing the multiple posts at the start of page 2,as folks dont often realise thats where their post has gone.I've been using PCA awhile,yet still get caught with this occasionally.

I like the new font colour combo to,its so much easier on the eyes than the first change combo.

  Chegs ® 12:27 07 Nov 2005

Thank You.Thats a good,quick response.Any chance of the other suggestions re:remain on page 2 after posting response?

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