On line stop watch

  anchor 11:10 01 Nov 2007

Yesterday, I had to conduct an exam in the brand new Health Sciences faculty building of the University where I do some part time work.

Its very modern, with a computer terminal and projector in every classroom. Normally I use a wall clock to time the exams, but was told by the IT department about a web site that provides a stopwatch and countdown timer.

click here

This proved very useful for the students, as they could see exactly the time remaining. It even sounds a bell when time is up.

  youtruth 11:30 01 Nov 2007

Yes, we are lucky to be blessed with with such technology.

And, when this facility is hacked into, so that time can be stretched, it will be a godsend to the students.

  anchor 11:42 01 Nov 2007

Ah!, I have a backup; I have a small digital countdown timer on my desk. I press start at the moment I tell the students they can commence.

That`s un-hackable.

  youtruth 11:50 01 Nov 2007

Ah, so you don't really trust the IT dept's advice then?

  anchor 13:43 01 Nov 2007

I trust their advice but, (as we all know), you cannot always trust computers or internet connections.

Anyway, its useful, and saves the students having to raise their hands asking me to confirm how much time they have remaining.

  interzone55 14:10 01 Nov 2007

you mean the students don't have their own watches to see how much time they have left.

but they won't have will they, because many people use their mobile as a watch, and they won't be able to have that in the exam room.

It strikes me as a massive waste of resources to use a PC, internet connection & projector to beam a countdown timer onto a wall...

  anchor 14:22 01 Nov 2007

Of course most have watches, and the rules state a wall clock has to visible to all; (mobile phones are banned). However, if you have had experience in conducting higher exams, then you will appreciate that it is often impossible to start precisely at the scheduled time. So many factors enter into it.

Moreover, remember that most University candidates are very stressed and nervous in exams, and may forget the exact start time.

I also think the IT people were keen to show me their setup in the new buiding, especially knowing that I am "in" to computers.

  anskyber 14:29 01 Nov 2007

If you have Vista there are several stopwatches which run on the sidebar. click here

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