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  laurie53 19:00 05 Apr 2007

One of the things which really must inhibit on line shopping is the incompetence/inflexibility of the carriers (No FE, this is not a Consumerwatch thread, just a general rant!).

I have been waiting four days for an item which I paid a £12 charge for next working day delivery.

It will now be next Tuesday at the earliest before I get it, some ten days, working or otherwise, after I placed my order.

There are two companies, very well known (and now a third), who I simply cannot deal with, although I would like to, because their carriers let them down.

Last year my wife heard the doorbell and stuck her head out of the bedroom window, explained that she could not get downstairs because she was disabled, but if the driver would leave the package just inside the door her carer would pick it up in a couple of minmutes.

He refused, as he is perfectly entitled to do of course, and took the parcel back to the depot, leaving a card telling us where we could collect it from, a round trip of 100 miles, or a premium rate phone number to ring to rearrange delivery (I don't live in the back of beyond).

On another occasion we were working in the garden and deliberately left the front door open so we would hear if anybody called. The guy actually came into the house to leave a card on the table saying he had tried to deliver but there was nobody in!

I now find more and more that I don't order unless I know who the carrier is

I am retired, and usually in. Heaven knows how you people who work all day manage


  Forum Editor 19:18 05 Apr 2007

how you people who work all day manage"

It's not easy, I'll admit, but Amazon packages go into my paper recycling bin, which is always clean and dry. We didn't ask for that to happen, but it seems to be a convention, as several other people have reported the same thing.

Courier drivers have a difficult job to do, lots of people aren't in, and lots of people make odd requests to have packages left under cars, with neighbours, by the holly bush in the front garden etc., none of which the driver is technically allowed to do. Couriers know that there are people out there who will subsequently deny receiving the goods if they don't sign for them, so they tell drivers to stick to the rules.

Some drivers don't, and I've heard lots of stories about packages being left in the open for others to steal a leisure.

Nobody's perfect, and I'm certainly not an apologist for the Couriers, but consider their side of things for a few moments and I'm sure you'll realise that it's a pretty thankless task at times.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:24 05 Apr 2007

An idea would be to enable petrol ststions to be drop off points. You could nominate any petrol station, pay an extra fee, say £3, and pick up your parcels from there.


  laurie53 20:05 05 Apr 2007

Or even Post Offices, if you've still got one.

Oh I forgot, Royal Mail a;lready do that!


  Forum Editor 22:35 05 Apr 2007

Interesting, but all a little expensive and over complicated, don't you think?

The vast majority of couriered items are delivered safely and efficiently - if it seems different it's because we always hear about the few deliveries that went wrong, rather than the hundreds that didn't.

One of the problems with using third parties (like petrol stations) as drop-boxes is the potential for exploitation by criminals. Your friendly neighbourhood drug dealer would just love to have a safe, anonymous third party location where parcels could be dropped and collected without attracting any undue attention.

  Woolwell 23:15 05 Apr 2007

fourm member

Actually something similar already exists. Remembered readinag about it some time ago.
click here

  Ranger 07:47 06 Apr 2007

It's not a bad idea but a couple of things would worry me about the parcel safe item,

first is it could become a target for thieves and secondly any dishonest driver who says he put it in the box when in fact he didn't, and let's be honest you do get them, in fact I have met a couple socially who were bragging about some of the stuff they managed to steal

  laurie53 08:23 06 Apr 2007

Why do we need special facilities when simple solutions like paper recycling bins obviously work?

I'm not saying there are not problems, but in my particular case I'm simply asking that they drop the parcels inside the house, instead of coming into the house to leave a note saying they cannot deliver!

In my particular case, though this is exceptional, I am opposite a police station and hopefully fairly secure.

Some companies have managed to deliver computers,hi fi, video cameras etc without problems, others are totally intransigent


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:33 06 Apr 2007

The idea of using petrol stations is much better than the service that post offices offer as most people will pass at least one petrol station as they go to and come back from work and many stations are open until at least 2300hrs and from 0630hrs. Also people may fill up at the same time therefore increasing the stations revenue.
This seems to be refereed to these days as 'out of the box thinking'. ;-))


  EddieRiby 11:15 06 Apr 2007

Hello, I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Eddie Riby the Director of Parcel Safe! I stumbled across this thread this morning and if I can answer any questions please feel free to fire them at me. I designed this product from the start, developed it, researched the market, took it into mass manufacture in a very short period of time. Having owned one of these for over a year now It's saved me literally hundreds of pounds in travelling expenses and my own time. I have only ever been to a collection depot once in 12 months and thats when someone sent me a letter with no stamp on!! :-(

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