Limited Edition Vinyl Record

  MrCutter 18:05 31 May 2008

Anyone know what the vinyl single by Keane - Atlantic would fetch?
Record comes with it's own limited edition number as does box.
Where should i look to sell this, any ideas.
Are "Keane" a well known band?

  interzone55 18:25 31 May 2008

Try this site for prices
click here

and for Keane
click here

I'm not sure how up to date this site is.

A good record collectors shop is Vinyl Exchange in Manchester, but they don't list this record.
click here

As for selling it, I'm not sure, because you won't get anywhere near the list price by selling it to a store or dealer. Also record prices vary wildly, depending on latest fashionable artists or recent deaths.

I've got a fully autographed radio promo CD of The Happy Monday's Rave On. At one point it was worth £60, but I went to sell it after the band had faded and was only offered £5 for it, so I took it back home.

  MrCutter 18:29 31 May 2008

Cheers from one of your links found it's worth £25.
It's gathering dust at home so may go to London and sell it.

  rickf 18:29 31 May 2008

Do a search in eBay and see if there are any on sale. That would give you an idea. Keane is a relative new band so I am not sure if the vinyl would fetch a lot. Two yrs ago I sold a 12in of Nick Drake for around £260.

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