Lighting up time

  Curio 20:29 02 Dec 2009

That season is upon us again. This is a pretty good display and sound show.
click here

  John B 21:01 02 Dec 2009

Good link; but not for me. Imagine living near to that.

  wolfie3000 21:07 02 Dec 2009

I actually enjoyed that, one of the better ones,
Could do with being a bit longer though but still impressive.

  Forum Editor 23:44 02 Dec 2009

you see something that takes tackiness to an entirely new level, and elevates it to the status of an art form. This is a classic example. I think it's superb.

  Chris the Ancient 11:59 03 Dec 2009

A few years ago, there was a similar thing doing the rounds (of Youtube and such) of a similar display in the good ol' US of A.

But... the guy set up a transmitter and you tuned your car radio in to the music rather than 10MW of audio blasting the street. So, the music was quiet - even if the lights weren't. However, the traffic and crowds started to become problematical.

I wonder if this guy did the same with his music.

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