A light hearted one and not just for football fans

  Cymro. 15:14 26 Jun 2010

click here

Looking for something light hearted and came across this. I have not read it properly yet but it may pass time for those who like me don`t watch football.

  onthelimit 15:56 26 Jun 2010

I know sweet FA about football, but even I can forecast a win for Germany!

  Cymro. 16:00 26 Jun 2010

I hope that is not wishful thinking on your part.

  Grey Goo 16:29 26 Jun 2010

If he's wrong it's Tapas for him.

  Kevscar1 16:36 26 Jun 2010

That brings back an old one.

Today 10tons of sugar wehre taken inot Lancaster Gate. Does this mean sweet FA

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