Lies, damned lies and statistics

  Clapton is God 15:24 26 Jan 2008

Strange use of words in today's Daily Mail.

click here and scroll down to the third paragraph from the bottom where it says "FGW had the lowest approval rating of any operator in the country, with just 74 per cent of passengers satisfied with its performance".

"just 74 per cent"??

So, in other words, the majority of its passengers are happy with FGW's performance.

  anskyber 16:28 26 Jan 2008

Which is not great, the point is that of all the operators FGW scores the lowest so the statistic is correct.

74% of the passengers are satisfied with the performance, it is not possible to conclude from the statistic they are "happy".

  rezeeg 16:28 26 Jan 2008

A pretty poor performance rate, but in any case I see it as referring to "FGW had the lowest approval rating of any operator in the country"

  Forum Editor 17:45 26 Jan 2008

and what astonished me was why on earth a man took his 3 feet tall granddaughter onto a two-car train in which 400 people were 'herded like cattle' in the first place.

  Clapton is God 18:02 26 Jan 2008

Good point.

I have relatives who regularly use FGW and what astonishes me is that most, if not all, of their local (as opposed to Inter-City) services only ever seem to have 2 cars!

  Jake_027 00:58 27 Jan 2008

This incidient is very unfortunate. But what most people don't realise is that we are short of trains in this country. It's all well and good saying "put on extra carriages" but where do you get them from? Crosscountry, the operator that took over some virgin services in November, is refurbishing 1970's carriages with HST's to bring them back into use because we are that short of trains. Transpennine express replaced an entire fleet of 41 trains last year with 51 new ones and yet not one of the 41 old ones is spare-they are all in use with other operators. It doesn't help when the DfT block Virgin trains from ordering extra coaches for their existing fleet, Transpennine express were blocked from putting a 4th carriage into their new built trains, and Northern rail (who operate trains in the North of England) were predicted 0% growth in passenger numbers for their 8 and a half year franchise, and yet have had nearly 20% growth in numbers since they began. Who made all the decisions? The DfT.

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