Licence fee to watch TV on the internet

  Quickbeam 07:25 27 Jul 2010

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We talked about this a little while back and decided we didn't need one. Is there a government spy reading this forum? What with it having a finger on the pulse of the nation and all that...

  morddwyd 08:04 27 Jul 2010

Oh Dear. Now we'll get moans not just from those people who say they never watch the BBC, but also from those who never watch British TV!

  bri-an 08:20 27 Jul 2010

I've always thought the licence was to be able to receive broadcast signals - not particular channels.
So if 'computers' are able to recive the sinal (from wherever) then a licence would be required.

  wee eddie 08:28 27 Jul 2010

If your Household has a License, then your covered.

However, if you are lodging in someone else's house, you may need your own License.

  wee eddie 08:29 27 Jul 2010

"Even if they have a License."

  morddwyd 08:34 27 Jul 2010

"the licence was to be able to receive broadcast signals"

Yes, but is a signal coming down a phone line being "broadcast" in the true sense of the word?

  wee eddie 08:41 27 Jul 2010

There is no mention of the method of transmission in it. Just that it is available to those that wish to receive it.

I suppose that, on that definition, Sky is not being Broadcast as you need to sign up to decipher the signal.

  dms_05 08:49 27 Jul 2010

It's just tidying up a loop hole. When the original documents were written no one had heard of IPTV. If you watch the BBC you should pay the £144/year subscription charge like everyone else. At least with IPTV you can tell which channels people watch whereas people did argue 'I only watch ITV'.

Personally I'd include using the BBC website as it's funded from the License Fee. So if you access any BBC service you pay. No one should have a free lunch. Overseas users already have a curtailed experience. Maybe it should be free in the UK as we already pay for it but be put behind a paywall for overseas users - why should they get all the BBC output free when we the UK License Fee payer have to pay for everything.

  Quickbeam 11:19 27 Jul 2010

Would you say that The metro is better or worse than The Mail...?

  JYPX 15:35 27 Jul 2010

All I can see coming from this is a series of angry disputes between those who don't have a tv license (but do have a cellphone or a laptop) and tv licensing.
My prediction is that funding for the BBC will move into general taxation, with an "average cost per household" published every year. I think funding should be at rougly two thirds it's present level.

  seefuu1 18:52 27 Jul 2010

Why should one sector be treated so special?

Just go with all other service models ,be it phone ,,sky tv,broadband ,gas etc etc and have a contract for the service you want,and make it an encrypted service tv service as is the norm the world over.

No more free tv, which comes with the threat of menace.

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