Libel/slander on website?

  bamfiesler 00:44 02 Feb 2005

Two people I no longer work with or co-operate with are bad-mouthing me on their website. It's nothing severe, but involves my full name and what I've done with my head to my nether regions.

I'd rather go straight for their web-hosting firm/ISP, and have them force these guys to get this removed. Can anyone offer me any assistance in how to approach this to my personal satisfaction?

Thanx to all, etc.

  AndySD 05:04 02 Feb 2005

If you know rheir ISP/Hosting company then send them a cease and desist letter.

But it is probably also a good idea to check on the terms and conditions of the host first.

  Dan the Confused 07:13 02 Feb 2005

Probably best to see a Solicitor. A letter sent from a legal firm carries a lot of weight and usually gets results. You may even be able to receive damages for defamation of character, but I'm no legal expert so best talk to someone who knows.

  bamfiesler 08:07 02 Feb 2005

Thanks for that. How do I find out out who their ISP is, though? Their site is a, but I don't know how to trace this.

Any ideas?

  Monument 09:32 02 Feb 2005

Use Sam Spade to input the address and it will tell you the host click here

  Djohn 09:32 02 Feb 2005

I'm not sure what your best course of action is other than to see a solicitor but I suggest you take some screen shots of the site and the wording of every occasion your name is displayed. Print these out for your own records.

  bamfiesler 10:16 02 Feb 2005

Thank you all for your input. I'll mark this as resolved, but if anyone thinks of anything else, pl. feel free to e-mail.


Bam F

  david.h 15:49 02 Feb 2005

if you get a solicitors letter check his fee's first some are expensive rip off's others may charge a nominal fee. I found this out from experience of shopping around my local town.If you take proceedings go for a no win no fee deal.

  Forum Editor 19:52 03 Feb 2005

is that you are describing a libel. If someone publishes a lie about you to a third party (or parties) so as to damage or destroy your reputation or standing in the eyes of the world at large, or to damage your professional reputation, or to bring your business into disrepute, thay have libelled you. In a case of litigation for libel the libelled person (or persons - it's possible to libel a group of people) don't need to prove that the libellous statement is untrue - the libellor(s) have to prove that it is true.

Take Djohn's advice and make a hard copy of the libel. Print the web page in its entirety, making sure that the date is clearly visible (Your web browser will datestamp your file automatically), and keep it safe.

Then write a letter to the people concerned, and send it by special delivery - not recorded post.

In your letter, tell the other parties that they have published fasle statements about you, and give details. Tell them that by doing this they have libelled you, and that unless they withdraw the offending statement(s) within 7 days, and publish a retraction on the same web page - declaring the previous statement(s) to be untrue and entirely unfounded - you will initiate a libel action against them with a claim for damages. Tell them that you reserve your rights in the matter, and that any action will be taken without further reference to them.

Bear in mind that libel actions are always expensive, and that there's no guarantee you'll recover your costs - such actions must never be taken as a means of seeking revenge. Judges will not award punitive damages in a plaintiff's favour simply as a matter of course - they need to see evidence of damage - so don't enter into an action unless you have first tried to resolve the matter amicably. If only your pride has been damaged you should be satisfied with a retraction.

  spikeychris 20:19 03 Feb 2005

Don't ever get on the wrong side of the FE.

  VoG II 21:50 03 Feb 2005

I'm not clear from your posting, bamfiesler, as to whether this is work-related. If it is then you may find it best to let your company deal with this (even though it is you that is mentioned by name).

I was libelled on a website a year or so ago because a client had posted a report I had written for them on their website then a rival faction posted a link to it on their website saying that I was guilty of "bad science". After revelling in my 10 minutes of fame I contacted our Company Secretary who got it sorted within hours.

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