Libellous statements on online forums

  TopCat® 18:30 19 Oct 2007

Here's mention of a new ruling by the High Court after a test case was submitted to it. Thankfully we have nothing to fear in this hallowed place, thanks to the intense scrutiny afforded us by our Forum Editor, but it's worth keeping in mind just the same. TC. click here

  Forum Editor 18:51 19 Oct 2007

"In the case of those postings, the claimants' entitlement to take action to protect their right to reputation outweighs, in my judgment, the right of the authors to maintain their anonymity and their right to express themselves freely".

Which is why I have always been (in the opinion of some people) slightly obsessed with keeping anything potentially libelous off this forum. The writing is on the wall for people who run web forums, and as this means of communication becomes more and more popular I predict that we'll see an increasingly litigious attitude on the part of those people who are the victims of defamation.

  anskyber 19:33 19 Oct 2007

Correctly in my view.

I have oft remarked, sometimes to staunch criticism, that the web is part of the real world and should be treated as such under the law.

The FE gives us all a considerable length of rope before the axe falls and abusing such freedom could lead to even less so that the excesses are controlled.

And yes I have had the odd post deleted, not through libel, but as the usual editorial process. i can still sleep at night so I hope others will feel the same.

  laurie53 20:36 19 Oct 2007

Given that there are many countries who exercise little or no control over the web in their territory, what's wrong with these sites simply being run from abroad?

Where do you fancy living, FE?

  Forum Editor 22:53 19 Oct 2007

Here would be nice - I stayed there once, and wouldn't say no to a more permanent arrangement.

click here

  Chegs ®™ 12:16 20 Oct 2007

FE: Not perhaps on your honeymoon?

" Its stunning beauty and outstanding service make the Sainte Anne Resort and Spa the perfect location for a luxury honeymoon or wedding."

  TopCat® 13:28 20 Oct 2007

Taking in the time he spends here in the forum I reckon a second honeymoon wouldn't go amiss! :o) TC.

  Forum Editor 11:25 21 Oct 2007

Not my honeymoon - that was spent in the UK.

Sainte Anne is a pretty new development, it's only been open for a relatively short while, and my ten-day stay there was work-related - it's too expensive otherwise. The fact remains that it is without a doubt the best tropical location I have ever visited, and the standard of the facilities and service is exemplary.

Paradise is a much over-used description, but Sainte Anne comes very close, I assure you.

  Forum Editor 12:27 21 Oct 2007

Things have changed somewhat since then, although the taxi situation is the same, and strikes me as a fair way of doing it.

The Sainte Anne resort was built on a private island - there's nothing and nobody there except the hotel, staff and guests. They are in the centre of a world heritage area, and when the hotel was built they had to satisfy the government that they would have a minimum impact on the immediate environment. They have their own water and sewage treatment plants, and produce most of their own vegetables and eggs on a hotel farm.

When I stayed there the hotel had just 40 guests, all staying in beautiful private villas scattered along the beaches - the atmosphere was one of a desert island; total peace and quiet.

  natdoor 17:54 21 Oct 2007

To return to the topic, I seem to remember several posts accusing politicians of being liars and of ruining/stealing pensions etc. Of course, these are commonly held views but that does not make them right. I would expect that persons expressing such views on an erudite forum such as this would be required to argue their case from an accurate factual basis. Were the subjects of such comments other than politicians, I suspect that action would be taken. It is nowonder that politicians are held in contempt. Just ask yourself the question, would you be able to do better?

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