Lexmark to stop printer production

  Al94 22:06 28 Aug 2012
  Woolwell 22:54 28 Aug 2012

Only inkjet printers.

  BT 08:16 29 Aug 2012

Not entirely surprising. I have a Lexmark Printer/Scanner. Good product but so expensive to run. No compatible inks available, only refilled cartridges. Very heavy on ink. Been gathering dust for several years now.

  interzone55 14:42 29 Aug 2012

Lexmark printers are regarded as disposable, the printer with starter carts is much cheaper than replacement carts, and will probably die before the starter carts have run out.

There's no compatible cartridges available as Lexmark used the US DMCA to stop various companies from making replacements, as they had to reverse engineer the chips, which was a breach of copyright.

I remember when I worked at time we used to give Lexmark printers away with PCs, they didn't cost us a bean, Lexmark would ship a new container full very week. Like Gillette, they made their money on the refills. Except now they don't as lots of people have got into the habit of refilling cartridges, and Lexmark have gone so far down the route of cheap product, expensive refills that they can't now increase the price of their printers

  Forum Editor 15:56 29 Aug 2012

Lexmark was once part of IBM, and was sold off in 1991 as part of IBM's drive to maintain its core business at a time when smaller computer manufacturers were nibbling away at its market share.

Lexmark was then headed up by an ex-IBM Vice president, and he set about making the new company profitable with a vengeance. By the end of 1995 Lexmark had a turnover of over 2 billion dollars - almost all of it from the printer market.

Times change,and businesses must change too, or die. Sales of inkjet printers are declining as people increasingly post images to social media sites rather than printing them. Likewise, when it comes to written communications email is the method of choice now, rather than printed letters.

  Flak999 16:19 29 Aug 2012

Can't say I'm surprised by this really! One of the first things I look into when purchasing a new printer, is it's ability to use compatible cartridges. If it can't or none are available I discount it from my search.

The fact that printer ink on a litre for litre comparison is more expensive than petrol says a lot about the manufacturers business model!

  spuds 11:31 30 Aug 2012

Perhaps a late addition to this post, but I wonder if this will effect Dell, because at one time, Dell used re-badged Lexmark as one of their own named products.

In the main the only difference was the print cartridges, that had a slight modification between the Lexmark and Dell compatibility. if you knew the modification, then obtaining replacements were not to much of a problem.

  HondaMan 12:22 30 Aug 2012

They really priced themselves out of a market. Whilst I have never owned a Lexmark printer, I know people who have and the cost of ink carts. has always been the downside of ownership.

I must admit, when printing "keepers" I use either a Canon IP8500 or for anything smaller a HiTi dye sublimation printer

  interzone55 14:37 30 Aug 2012


It does look to me that Dell are still selling rebadged Lexmark printers, so they'll need to find a new printer partner, they've got a couple of years before Lexmark completely shut down the inkjet division...

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