The Lexicon of Teenspeak

  peter99co 20:47 20 Apr 2008

I looked to see if it contained the phrase 'it's pants' but could not find it. What does it mean please

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its rubbish..politely

  peter99co 21:15 20 Apr 2008

That's what teenagers talk on mobile phones isn't it?

  ulrich 21:34 20 Apr 2008

From what I have heard a lot of adults also talk pants on their mobile phones, on trains planes and buses, the supermarket, crossing the road without looking and a miriard of other places where they don't seem to have anything better to do.

  rossgolf 21:56 20 Apr 2008

you can kinda get the gist if you hear most of the stuff us teenagers say tbh

  wee eddie 23:16 20 Apr 2008

that it's out of date.

Whatever 'argot' that a group decides to use is dropped the moment it comes to be understood by individuals outside that group.

  Earthsea 23:48 20 Apr 2008

Fo sho, that's so bait cos when it gets clappin' it's well dred and I know, cos I'm from ends and well safa, and you'd have to be a fudge talkin' nim nim nim not to know that!

  Forum Editor 23:50 20 Apr 2008

Settle down, and take a deep breath. You'll be just fine.

  wee eddie 07:23 21 Apr 2008

The desire to pretend that you are from a different ethnic group that the one you are is understandable and is known as "A Right of Passage".

In other words ~ You'll grow out of it.

We did it ~ Out parents did it and I'm sure that their parents did it. Attempting to understand it is pointless, if one succeeds in anything more than an infinitesimal proportion, it will change, because that is it's nature.

  Quickbeam 08:47 21 Apr 2008

I first heard that phrase in the early '90s. It was used by the Radio One (yes I used to listen to that) film critic Mark Kermode, talking to DJ Simon Mayo.

He said some film was 'pants'. Mayo responded with "it's what?!, please explain". So it must have been newish at that time.

  bof:) 19:08 23 Apr 2008

have a look here

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