Lewis Hamilton is under investigation

  Seth Haniel 15:10 04 Oct 2007

by race stewards at the Chinese Grand Prix over his behaviour behind the safety car at last week's Japanese Grand Prix.

Mark Webber has criticised Hamilton for the way the Brit drove behind the safety car.


Turning into the most unsportman type sport - bet they even critisize which side of the bed hamilton gets out of -

They are definitly pulling all the plugs out to try and rob him of his deserved championship :(

  JanetO 15:45 04 Oct 2007

I seem to recall James Hunt being nicknames Hunt the Shunt. And Michael Schumacher was certainly renowned for his share of barging others out of his way.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:45 04 Oct 2007

'They are definitly pulling all the plugs out to try and rob him of his deserved championship :('...or to gain more publicity. I just can't help the cynic in me rising up when reading 'news' about sports that have £squillions backing them.


  The Brigadier 16:03 04 Oct 2007

F1 is full of whinges these days.
Alonso is unhappy he cant like a 4 year old get his own way.
Webber has to make excuses because he's in a poor performance car.
Why dont they all shut up & take pity on the poor racing fans who have to put up with it all!

  Marko797 16:23 04 Oct 2007

Yes, read about it today, but loathe to comment in case the thread gets pulled, like the other one I posted the other day...

  TopCat® 16:27 04 Oct 2007

do at the front. As in football I surmise it's team tactics with instruction sent over the in-car radio and not from the touchline. I notice Webber wasn't in the best of moods that Sunday anyway - click here

As of now, no mention or official complaint has been made of the aggressive driving between Kimi Raikkonen and Heikki Kovalainen in that hair-raising drive for second place. Talk about road rage!! :o) TC.

  georgemac © 16:54 04 Oct 2007

Hamilton has explained that because of his break material he could not brake gently as it would have put a glass skin on the disc's.

No matter what type of car you are driving you have to be able to stop without hitting the car in front?

Could it also possibly be that Webber was trying to keep as close as possible to try and get the jump on Hamilton - which he was managing quite well until he got hit up the rear

I am an F1 fan and think Hamilton has been outstanding this year and I hope he wins the championship. His drive last weekend was great.

I thought the most reckless driving was between Kubica and Massa on the final lap.

  Belatucadrus 17:05 04 Oct 2007

They do tend to go on about other nations whinging, but it's clear that there's another 'sport' that the Aussies rule at, three cheers for the "Great Australian Whine" and I'm not talking Chardonnay.
Webbers very good at qualifying, but when it comes to the main event he's a car breaker and not exactly what I'd call the best judge of how to drive a grand prix car. How many GPs has he won ? Oh yes, that'd be NONE.

Rookey year or not Hamilton already seems to know rather more about completing a circuit successfully.

  IClaudio 17:52 04 Oct 2007

Strange, isn't it, that Alonso should criticize Hamilton? And strange that Webber should join in....

Lewis was doing what any other driver would do when leading behind the safety car, backing up the other cars. The other cars should be aware of what he's up to and hang back (er, that's the point of the excercise....). Alonso had a really bad weekend, and although Webber and Sutil were doing well to get into 2nd and 3rd places, there's probably a good reason why their positions were so extraordinary ;)

When Formula 1 cars are divided on the track by thousands of seconds, off-track manouevres become almost as important - and that's all that's going on here.

The last lap barging competition between Massa and Kubica was sensational and not at all 'reckless'.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:19 04 Oct 2007

A lot of 'high value' sports really do pull the wool over thier fan's eyes. Nowadays they have little to do with sport and all to do with revenue gathering...many 'fans' seem blissfully unaware.


  Stuartli 18:34 04 Oct 2007

As the video of the incident shows that Hamilton was well clear of the two drivers behind who collided, it cannot be blamed (in my view) on him.

More likely the very poor conditions caused the two drivers to have a collision, perhaps being distracted by Hamilton slowing down behind the pace car and moving to the right of the left hand corner.

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