Leveson Enquiry papers to be taken by the Tories + Lib Dems

  birdface 19:26 04 May 2012

Leveson Enquiry papers to be taken by the Tory's + Lib Dems this weekend.

Only 8 people in the UK allowed to do this it said on the news tonight.

It seems strange that they would want to interfere after telling the House of commons that they would wait to see what the Levison enquiry found out.

Now they want to scrutinize the papers over the weekend end, It also said that the Prime minister could actually stop some questions being asked.

Looking forward to the latest news on this one.

  birdface 19:33 04 May 2012
  Aitchbee 19:35 04 May 2012

...reminds me of someone painting a floor and then realizing that they are trapped in the corner.

  birdface 19:39 04 May 2012

That did not work maybe this one will.


  birdface 19:41 04 May 2012


Not sure if you meant the Tory's and Lib Dems Or Me but I think you were right in both cases.

  T0SH 19:51 04 May 2012

Well that is very interesting, but with the names listed why would anyone be surprised given all the Hunt~ing rumors there has been recently, it looks very like they will want advanced warning of any implications for them so they can try to hatch a cover story before it all becomes public

Or perhaps I am just an old cynic after all :¬)

Cheers HC

  birdface 20:07 04 May 2012

It is a big line up and I cannot see them all being there without support staff.

Andy Coulson is due to appear next week maybe they can change the questions to be asked but they would not be silly enough to do that.Nah

  morddwyd 20:51 04 May 2012

I haven't worked out the details, or turned up any precedents, but I must admit to being a bit uneasy about this.

Just a bit paranoid I guess. No doubt someone with better knowledge will put me straight.

  birdface 21:32 04 May 2012

May have got it wrong but they had to get Court permission about 2 O'clock today.

Surely they should have let the enquiry sort this out after all that is what it is there for and stated as much to the House of Commons the other day.

May well be a Mountain and Mole Hill Scenario we will just have to wait and see.

  birdface 22:27 04 May 2012

Just going with what I heard in the news.It said The PM can change or remove a question or answer.

Like I said heard it on the news so just a matter of waiting to see if there is more news about it forthcoming.

  Forum Editor 23:27 04 May 2012

As I understand it, Lord Leveson has decided to allow certain Ministers to see documents containing information about disclosures.

In itself there's nothing in that to give cause for concern. As already stated, the last thing a government in its right mind would want to do is make any attempt to influence the conduct of this inquiry, or its outcome.

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