A level exams

  flyingbrit 09:55 23 May 2008

Hi all,
Just a question really, but it's also quite a long story(that I'll not bore you all with).
The jist of it is, last year my son opted to take 4 A levels, english lit, history, geography and I.T. He is doing well at the first 3(A's in all of them) but it has worked out that the I.T. silabus is more related to buisness studies (not what he wanted) and he also did not get on with one of the teachers, anyway , about 5 weeks ago he'd had enough and told the I.T. department, and his head of year, he was dropping the subject. Now yesterday he had a bill come through the door for £48-90 which is for 3 exams(£16-30 each).
Can anyone tell me if this is correct? or should the I.T department have had enough time to cancel his exam? bearing in mind that there have been 5 other students in my sons group that have been kicked off the course by the teachers and have had no comeback concerning paying fees.

  flyingbrit 10:02 23 May 2008

By the way, the exam he was supposed to be takeing was last Wednesday.

  interzone55 10:08 23 May 2008

Seeing as the college will have paid for the exams at the start of the year they have every right to pass the costs on to your son, especially as he dropped out within 5 weeks of taking the exam.

One point here, before signing up for the course, did your son not read through the syllabus and see exactly what the course involved?

  flyingbrit 10:27 23 May 2008

As you say, "they have every right to pass the costs on to him" however, what about the students the staff threw off the course? one of them not long before he dropped it.
And as for the syllabus, from what I remember, it only gave basic outlines of the course, not the details, and by the way it's not a collage as such, it's the same school he has been at all the time.

  interzone55 11:36 23 May 2008

The students thrown off the course don't really have a choice, they can't sit the exams. Then again you could say that their actions lead to them being dropped, you'd end up arguing to the European Courts, so probably most cost effective for the school to swallow the costs.

As for the lack of info in the course prospectus, you could argue that as the course wasn't clear you shouldn't have to pay, the college will counter that your son could have dropped out much earlier as soon as he realised the course wasn't for him...

  Mike D 11:40 23 May 2008

I quote from the OCR material that I hold (as a exam centre), "Final entry withdrawals for GCSE and entry level certificate to be eligible for refunds must be received no later than 21 March 2008". I don't hold A level exams, but I guess that a date around the same time would apply.

The school has had to pay those fees already and cannot now get a refund due to your son's late withdrawal.


  flyingbrit 11:50 23 May 2008

Thanks Mike,
It's not exactly what I wanted to here but it's nice to have a clear time scale :( I knew someone on here would have some info...any more comments would be appreciated.

  flyingbrit 16:38 23 May 2008

Update....just been talking to my son, he says the last student to be removed from the course by tutors was 5 days before the exam was due to be taken. He will not be charged for the honour! is this double standards?

  interzone55 16:58 23 May 2008

"ast student to be removed from the course by tutors was 5 days before the exam was due to be taken. He will not be charged for the honour! is this double standards?"

As I stated before, it wasn't exactly his choice to leave the course, so the charge shouldn't be levied.

So no, not double standards

  flyingbrit 17:00 23 May 2008

ahhhh well.....lol
thought it maybe worth a try :)

  interzone55 21:59 23 May 2008

Don't get me wrong - it's worth a try.

Send a letter to the school pointing out about the lad chucked off the course, if they still insist on the fee then pay it, but it's definitely worth a letter to save £50

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