A level exam results

  Jak_1 22:20 27 Aug 2009

Watching on the news, a group of students were getting their A Level exam results and the resulting histrionics on reading the results. I tought some of the girls, and some boys for that matter were were about to have a fit! I know they are pleased with the results but why the histrionics! The way they acted you would have thought that they had just been saved from a near fatal situation! The hard work for them has not even started yet, good for them that they have got the results they wanted but that is just the first rung on the ladder to success.

  newman35 22:28 27 Aug 2009

Perhaps the fact they were 'on TV' might just have had something to do with it??

  spuds 22:35 27 Aug 2009

I was reading a report the other day, published by a lecturer and previous exam checker. He was explaining how lower marking grades have been acceptable over the past number of years, which have been giving false impressions on the actual 'higher' results obtained. So in real life, more subjects are having to be covered to finalise, if available, a place in universities.

The repoprt gave the impression that the kids of today are perhaps more dumber than the kids of yesterday!.

  Strawballs 22:45 27 Aug 2009

It was the GCSE results A level's come later.

  laurie53 07:53 28 Aug 2009

They're simply reflecting what the so-called celebs do when they get a bit of good news.

  BT 08:01 28 Aug 2009

GCSEs yesterday

  Cymro. 11:30 28 Aug 2009

I have no idea if such exams are easier today than they used to be, perhaps they are. But why is it that people can`t give the kids some credit for a change. However hard or easy the exams were the young people still worked hard for the results they got and so deserve the credit for it.

Most of those who say the exams are easier have not sat an exam in years and don`t really know what they are talking about anyway. Give the kids a break however well or bad they did they still have a heard time ahead of them.

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