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  Matt Egan 15:32 22 Sep 2010

Hello all. We were talking earlier today here at PC Advisor, and we decided that it is a slight anomaly that we only consider letters and email for our reader letters page in the magazine. After all, the vast majority of our communication with our readers is via the forum. There's no guarantee, of course, but each month we'll print what we think are the best submissions, and you could even win a prize: click here

Needless to say I am always pleased to hear from our readers via email, letter or phone (or word of mouth!) but if you want to write a letter for the magazine, this thread would be a good place to do so.


Matt Egan

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:27 22 Sep 2010

is steadily being lost (not that I am any good at it anyway, what with Twitter, Facebook, Blogging no wonder the poor old Royal Mail is going out of business and here you are putting another nail into its coffin.

Perhaps we should be encouraging people youngsters especially to write more letters in the hope of improving their literacy.

I hope the spell checker has caught and corrected all my errors otherwise you would see why I'm not into letter writing myself.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:29 22 Sep 2010

Just another thought, are you asking for letters here on the forum due to the lack of "real" letters being sent to the Editor?

  Forum Editor 17:20 22 Sep 2010

Lots of real letters arrive, but not all of them are of general interest to readers. Here in the forum we see lots of comments and questions addressed to 'PCA' in new threads, so we thought it might make sense to open a thread for anyone who might like to use this method of writing to us.

If you want to write a letter, go ahead, but remember that this will be a letter to the magazine - intended for print, we won't be responding here, in this thread. If we started to respond to various different letters here we would very rapidly have a thread that made no sense.

  Matt Egan 18:11 22 Sep 2010

I don't suppose it would surprise anyone to learn that we receive fewer letters than we once did, but we get plenty. It just feels like a slightly unbalanced process if we are printing only the thoughts of those people moved to write to us, rather than the forum members who talk to us every day.

Just a thought, we will insist on having them...

  sunnystaines 19:48 22 Sep 2010

as people learn more the need to ask questions drops.

  Proclaimer 21:29 22 Sep 2010

"It just feels like a slightly unbalanced process if we are printing only the thoughts of those people moved to write to us"

I think that you should have two 'letters pages' then. I think those people that actually use pen and paper should have their own proper 'Letters Page'. Make them stand out for the fact that they took the time, care and money to actually write.

Then a second 'Lazy Letters Page' for us lot here that just type stuff in and never leave the house...

  birdface 09:09 23 Sep 2010

Now in my opinion at least 75% of folk with computers have absolutely no idea as how to protect them properly.
Now if we had to give a list of the best protection for them there could be a side affect.
1st they would feel confident and they would not need to buy the PCA magazine every month which would leed to job loses.
And secondly the advertisers would not be happy if their products were not on the list and advertize elsewhere leeding to job loses.
On the other hand we like the way the PCA is run and the staff so best not to change things by writing letters.

  wolfie3000 09:19 23 Sep 2010

"The art of letter writing is steadily being lost"

Am I the only one who thinks this is a good thing?
Its dying because we have found a better and more efficient way of sending and receiving information.

Its only natural that as a better way of doing things is discovered the old ways die out,

The "art" of sword making has all but gone due to the fact our armed forces now use guns and tanks.

You see my point.

  Bingalau 10:13 23 Sep 2010

I hope the system of sending letters on a one to one basis never dies out. How will sweethearts be able to keep in touch and guarantee privacy?

I don't think I would have said a fraction of the things I did say to my wife when swapped romantic letters as teenagers. Now-a-days nothing seems private anymore. We didn't have letter hackers in my day.

  mr simon 15:20 23 Sep 2010

I've had a letter printed in the magazine before that was posted on the forum, something to do with ad-blocking if I recall.

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