letter arrived opened??

  rickf 14:54 09 Feb 2010

What if anything should I do about this? The postman delivered a letter that was ripped opend by the PO.It's only a BT bill but it does look as if it was not opened by accident as there was a cut across the top flap of the envelope. Having just seen a Dispatches programme on C4 last night I ma a bit concerened. Should I complain? Is soemone stealing tel. nos. at the PO?

  wiz-king 15:00 09 Feb 2010

If it was opened/ripped by the post office it should have been resealed into a plastic bag with a covering note. It may have been mis-delivered and the other person opened it without reading the address and put back into the post.

  peter99co 15:08 09 Feb 2010

How long has it been in the post? Is there any date on it?

  canarieslover 15:32 09 Feb 2010

I thought this was always the case in Her Majesty's Prisons. lol

  birdface 15:43 09 Feb 2010

probably gone into a neighbors house and they have opened it unintentionally.Have realized their mistake and then put it in to your letter box.

  Seth Haniel 16:07 09 Feb 2010

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  rickf 17:06 09 Feb 2010

Sorry, I have not been specific enough. Yes, it was delivered in a sealed polythene bag with a note of apology from the PO. The thing is this is just standard procedure. The prog. last night showed how some PO sorting staff ripped opened envelopes, filmed with a hidden camera, took the money or any other valueable item and then just put the letter back in a sealed bag for delivery. It is worrying.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:07 09 Feb 2010

'Is soemone stealing tel. nos. at the PO?'..PO workers may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I fail to see any reason for nicking telephone numbers...if there was then the directory would be under lock and key. Most likely a neighbour opened it by mistake and to be truthful this is not something I would waste any time worrying about. You could always 'go green' and have your bill delivered by email.


  rickf 17:39 09 Feb 2010

You are probably right G.
Closing thread.

  morddwyd 20:39 09 Feb 2010

I had a letter earlier this week which had clearly been opened.

Funny thing was, it was a quality control check letter from the local sorting office manager!

I returned it pointing out it had been opened.

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