Leona hits the 6,000 mark as well as Number One

  Stuartli 21:37 25 Dec 2006

It was an ill kept secret that Leona Lewis would top the pop charts this weekend with A Moment Like This.

However, I've just been browsing the YouTube website and discovered that already there are a staggering 6,010 videos with reference in some form or another to the X Factor winner.

Is this a record number of videos in such a short space of time?

  realist 21:51 25 Dec 2006

And who exactly is "Leona Lewis"?

What is an "X Factor" winner?

So glad I live on Planet Zorg.

  €dstowe 22:01 25 Dec 2006

Is she another who will be absorbed into oblivion so that, in a few years, there will be a TV programme on the lines of Whatever Happened To (insert any name) - like there was the other night for someone called Gareth Gates and most likely will be for the other non-entities who have won these talent(less) shows.

  Stuartli 22:24 25 Dec 2006

I somehow doubt it in this case - I think, along with a remarkable number of others, that Leona has that something extra; with the proper handling she could be a big star.

It's all too easy, not to say fashionable, to knock the young (the vast majority of whom are admirable citizens), but at least she and the other contestants worked hard to get as far as they could in the competition.

Just how would you fare appearing and performing live in front of millions of people?

  Brumas 22:31 25 Dec 2006

I agree exactly with what you say.

Those who can ,sing those who cannot , criticise!

  interzone55 23:04 25 Dec 2006

I'm sorry Stuartli, people thay this every year, X has real talent, X will stay the course.

Well X releases one single, which through the shear force of hype is chrsitmas number one. THey release another single because people buy it before they hear it, so this also gets to number one.

The album comes around in June. It sells well for a week, and then it disappears. By July it's in the sale at Music Zone.

In September X will tour, ticket sales will be poor because concert tickets are stupidly expensive.

By November X will be release from their contract because Simon & Co are to busy with the next series of I'm a Wannabe Get Me On TV.

Go on, prove me wrong... (for evidence see everyone except Will Young & Girls Aloud, who have been successful despite Simon & Louis, not because of them)

  Forum Editor 23:49 25 Dec 2006

I always think it's a little sad that some people feel compelled to make rather silly scathing remarks about this sort of thing.

The girl concerned could certainly put a song across, and whether she becomes a star or not probably depends as much on her management as anything else. She tried hard, and for someone who has had little or no professional training she sounded pretty good to me. It might be more charitable to say nothing instead of droning on about her lack of talent etc.

  Strawballs 23:56 25 Dec 2006

Hear hear FE

  WhiteTruckMan 00:26 26 Dec 2006

did alright for the likes of simon cowell and anne robinson. Now THAT is sad.


  Forum Editor 00:38 26 Dec 2006

Simon Cowell and Anne Robinson are paid large sums to make ascerbic remarks - that's the whole point of their TV personas, and almost all of it is carefully planned.

I'm surprised you can't tell the difference.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:41 26 Dec 2006

and I find it a saddening reflection on things that people can make so much money from such behaviour.


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