The Lemmings are back.

  peter99co 17:31 21 Jan 2011

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Off the cliff this time?

  Forum Editor 18:26 21 Jan 2011

by 5,751 to 1,579 in favour of further strike action, on a turnout of 75%.

"Of our 13,500 crew, only 43% voted in favour of strike action in this ballot," Says BA.

Now call me picky if you like, but I spot a discrepancy between those two claims. The more I hear about this long running dispute the more I can't help feeling that Unite is becoming increasingly entrenched in a position which works against the interests of the Company, its staff and its passengers.

I wonder how many crew members really support action that can only serve to increase levels of uncertainty in the minds of their potential passengers.

  Uboat 18:52 21 Jan 2011

FE i have quite a few friends who are BA flight/cabin crew! i know them personally and they are on my facebook so i see what they talk about & none of them are interested in the strike.???
i do agree though looks like there is discrepancy's in the facts..

  spuds 19:07 21 Jan 2011

I suppose if you look at in another angle, its a bit like the voting public at election times?.

  Woolwell 19:26 21 Jan 2011

The Guardian click here explains the figures a bit. There are over 13,000 cabin crew but only 10,220 are Unite members.

  morddwyd 19:50 21 Jan 2011

They haven't yet decided on a date.

I would not want to be flying anywhere with BA this coming Easter!

  peter99co 19:59 21 Jan 2011

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5 minutes of nostalgia.

Shares in BA are no longer available on the stock market following the company's merger with Spanish flag carrier Iberia.

  Woolwell 20:04 21 Jan 2011

So they want to strike to get back their travel perks which they lost because they went on strike. Seems an odd way to go about getting these perks back which appeared very generous in the first place.
Wasn't some of the cabin crew working almost completely on union business?

  Strawballs 00:29 22 Jan 2011

The Lemmings happened at the election

  hssutton 00:47 22 Jan 2011

Well that's certainly true, even after the disaster of the past 10 years they still managed 258 seats in parliament at the last election:)

  QuizMan 08:39 22 Jan 2011

In Woolwell's link, I am sure the man on the left is the same man that keeps popping up behind TV reporters (certainly in the London area) when they are broadcasting news stories around the capital. All he does is lurk in the background and defies the camera man's attempts to pan him out of shot. Come to think of it, he was wearing a Unite scarf last time I saw him on a report outside London Victoria station a few weeks ago.

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