Legal Tender

  laurie53 08:22 21 Jan 2009

The Tories are trying to make Scottish banknotes legal tender in England.

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Good to see that in the current world financial crisis HM Opposition are really getting to grips with the important issues.

Of course, they're not actually legal tender in Scotland either.

You'd think they might consider this first.

  Quickbeam 08:31 21 Jan 2009

Don't hold you're breath, in Scotland you readily accept £50 & £100 notes in shops and pubs. In England we don't use the £50 notes as no-one will accept the English £50 note... but the Scots will!

  Quickbeam 08:36 21 Jan 2009

God help us if we adopt the Euro, we'll be the only country in Europe that won't take anything greater that the 20 Euro note!

  Seth Haniel 08:44 21 Jan 2009

you have to pay £10 cash for entree permit - scottish notes not accepted - I have been asked to bring English £10 for friends & family visiting Turkey in the past couple of years.

I often return from Scotland to the North East England with a wallet full of Scottish notes - any shop that refuses them loses my business.


  interzone55 09:12 21 Jan 2009

Do you know why shops don't take £50s?

It's down to the fact that the first £50 note - Series E I think - was almost immediately forged and a large proportion of the notes in circulation were counterfeit.

Because of this, many shop assistants are reluctant to accept a £50 note.

Besides, for a transaction that warrants a note that size most people would use Switch or credit card...

  Quickbeam 10:30 21 Jan 2009

"Series E I think - was almost immediately forged"

If that was a consumer product it would have been immediately recalled, theres no great financial loss in burning genuine notes compared to the original Mercedes A class launch blunder.

  birdface 16:21 21 Jan 2009

As far as I know they have always been legal tender in England.Ive never had any problems changing them in the last 40 odd years.Mind you I stay in Little Scotland if you know where that is.

  oresome 16:29 21 Jan 2009

I try to spend them by the time I get to Carlisle. The further south you go, the more difficult it then becomes.

The Scottish banks are on the point of collapse.......HBOS swallowed up yesterday and RBS now a penny share. Who's left to redeem the value of the note?

  beeuuem 17:38 21 Jan 2009

From click here
Are Scottish & Northern Irish notes legal tender?
In short ‘No’ these notes are not legal tender; only Bank of England notes are legal tender but only in England and Wales.

  Covergirl 19:33 21 Jan 2009

. . . I've only ever had a few and not sure what they look like.

I think the same sort of unfamiliarity exists in shops so they are reluctant to accept them in case they accept a forgery.

£20 (plus the cost of goods lost) is bad enough to lose with todays rent, rates, wages and expenses for the shopkeepers, never mind £50.

As for Scottish notes - are they real? Aren't there a few different ones or are they just different designs?

  Bingalau 19:38 21 Jan 2009

If my bank bounces my cheques becaus eof "insufficient funds" does that mean mine or theirs?

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