legal ambiguity be damned.

  Rigga 15:59 26 May 2009

"when you're desperate to watch Lost before someone spoils the episode for you the next day, it's nice to know that you have viewing options - legal ambiguity be damned."

Is from the PC advisor article > click here

Are PCA saying that it's ok to break the law if you're desperate enough?


  Si_L 17:08 26 May 2009

I already questioned the fact that they advertised Mininova as a place to get free torrents for these shows.

  donki 10:06 27 May 2009

Seems funny how when a forum member mentions the dreaded "torrents", with regard to illegal downloading, some members on here go mad. When its the magazine itself mentioning them, all be it in a passing joke nobody says anything. Id say there are alot of people do it but would never let on that they do so.

  Forum Editor 17:37 27 May 2009

whether you're desperate or not. The article was actually syndicated from one of our sister titles that's published in America, and I take full responsibility for not spotting that it didn't fit well with PC Advisor. I was in a mad rush when it came past me for approval, and I should have taken more time to read it.

The article is now offline, and I apologise. I'm just off to write a hundred lines: "I must pay more attention to detail". Thanks for the heads up.

  Forum Editor 19:04 27 May 2009

no. I doubt that he would listen in any case. My experience of politicians is that they tend to think that their view is the right one, and that mistakes are things made by other people.

Whereas we know different, as you can see from my confession.

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