Left or Right Handed !!?.

  Kase 23:49 08 Dec 2004

I have just read the implications of being left or right handed. Are you aware that if you are left-handed it is natures way of starting a fight?.(source The Independant on Line Edition 8 December 2004)So all you forum members lets have your views!!!. I am left handed!!!!!!!!!. Perhaps that is the problem with Computers, they are left handed!.

  Zorrofox 00:39 09 Dec 2004

I'm left-handed too. I think I heard once that the Romans used to kill children born left-handed. They thought they were sinister. Hence the modern Italian word for left, sinistre. Or something like that. Nevermind, at least it makes changing gears easier.

  The Spires 03:29 09 Dec 2004

I am right handed but I have a friend who noticed that all the ace snooker & pool players were often left handed. Since then I have taken note in pubs etc & it seems she is correct, I know not why.

  Valvegrid 07:18 09 Dec 2004

I'm naturally right handed, but I'll often use the computer mouse in my left hand.

  Jarvo 08:52 09 Dec 2004

I am ambidextrous although since being forced to pic a hand to write with at school, I only use my right hand for writing most other tasks I can do equally well with both hands. I found Valvegrid's post interesting though because I used to use my mouse right handed, this was mainly because thats where you find it when you walk up to most PC,s. A few years ago at Uni when studying advanced spreadsheets I thought hang on the number pads on the right, if I use the mouse on the left I can input numbers and navigate cells twice as fast, since then I have always used a mouse left handed and it seems more natural (to me anyway, some of my colleagues would disagree with me).

Back to the original post I never read the article but does being ambidextrous make me schizophrenic, I can pick a fight if I want to? ;-)


  Sapins 09:42 09 Dec 2004

It means you can pick a fight with yourself. LOL

  sidecar sid 09:53 09 Dec 2004

Left handed.



  Sethhaniel 10:54 09 Dec 2004

use the mouse with left hand - but with right hand settings - and if I catch the reflection in the screen correctly i'm right handed ;)

  stalion 12:22 09 Dec 2004

Left handed and proud of it.I am also a very placid natured person,have never had a physical fight with anyone only verbal constructive arguements.Dont't believe all you read.

  joe95 12:45 09 Dec 2004

Left- handed use mouse in right hand, bat r/hand & bowl left hand at cricket, use knife in r/h fork in L/h,spoon in L/h and many more.
Have noticed how r/h people hold phone to right ear with L/h whilst writing.
How many Lefties do you know who write with their L/wrist bent at 90degrees over their script. I write normally like a r/h person.
Who's a crazy mixed up person

  jack 14:45 09 Dec 2004

You and me both I'm a southpaw but can do most things right hand- useful up a ladder painting windows- can put ladder bang centre and start out left hand change hands in middle finish right hand all without shifting ladder -have been known to fall off though.
They tried to make me write right handed at school
more then 60 yrs ago. Gave up -sent me to a phsyco
instead - he gave up.
In the Navy[ Started when Nelson was a lad ]they taught me to write upside down, whilst working out course and speed calcs on a plotting table and mirror fachion also so that I could write data on a transparent screen. No good for computing tho

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