left job employer holding back money.?

  Uboat 22:04 18 Nov 2009

hi people i started a job about two & a half weeks ago in a care home,

The position was to help look after adults with learning disability's or so i was told at the interview, its a privately run home with only 6 service users (Clients) i am not trained in this field in any form or way,

i was not happy with the fact the so called people that live there or clients are in fact in there due to these reasons:

one is a flasher
one is a rapist (known in the area)
one suffers from Bio polar click here
one suffers with a serious metal dissorder and although he is 23 he has the mental age of a 5 year old
there is also one that has herpitatis
i have worked there just two weeks & seen the staff get hit twice & threatened a few times also a door has been pulled of its hindges?

i called Dole to tell them this isnt what i expected & i feel very uncomfortable working there i also feel its too dangerous for me,

i also feel i was lied to about the position & dole have told me i wont be entitled to anything until my case has been put before a decision maker who would most probably reduce my dole due to leaving i was told.?
i have also been told by my now ex-employer that i will NOT be getting paid the two days i was training with the company at the start & also the CRB check i would also have that deducted from my wage.? what a situation im in!
Can anyone let me know where i stand with the employer holding back money from me please.? & if you have a link id be most greatful.


  Uboat 22:05 18 Nov 2009

i forgot to add one also suffers from schizophrenia & they are all aged between 22-64 all males.

  g0nvs 22:15 18 Nov 2009

Call your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

  Kevscar1 22:16 18 Nov 2009

If you were told at the start you would have to pay for a CRB check then they have the right to deduct the cost from any money owed.
Again if they stated 2 day were unpaid training then they are not responsiblre for paying you for them.

  OTT_Buzzard 22:18 18 Nov 2009

Irrespective of the symptoms and illnesses that the clients at the care home, they are no more dangerous than at an inordinate number of other similar facilities. The people who care for the clients deserve gold medals from the rest of society. *But* it isn't for everybody. It's certainly not a job I could do.

Sorry, no advice on your loss of money, or indeed your implication that the job was not as advertised or interviewed. I don;t know enough about the relevant areas of employment law. The only thing I will say is check your employment contract to see what it says about leaving before a specified period, and your financial penalty. It is not unusual for companies to claw back training and other costs if the employee isn't around for long.

  Forum Editor 22:44 18 Nov 2009

on aspects of employment law.

It sounds as though you left your job without giving much notice - you started two and a half weeks ago and worked for two weeks.

A good deal depends on the terms and conditions of your employment, and on what you were told about the job at your interview. I think you may find that your ex-employer is entitled to deduct the cost of your CRB check, and also the two days training cost, but as I said, we're not employment law advisers. I suggest that you take the advice you've been offered by g0nvs, and call the CAB.

As far as your unemployment benefit is concerned, I'm not surprised to learn that benefit is being withheld pending an investigation of the facts of your case. That's a normal procedure in such circumstances.

  Uboat 00:55 19 Nov 2009

thanks for the replies, this also answers a big question for me they CANNOT hold my wages or the crb check cause they had to pay for it due to the nature of the job

click here

  dastardly mutt 07:44 19 Nov 2009

You are entitled to claim Jobseekers Allowance now. Other conditions being met, the claim will be paid from the date of claim.
However the circumstances of your leaving the job will be sent to a Decision Maker who may decide that you had "Good Cause" or alternately they can sanction your claim for 2 weeks to 26 weeks if they decide that you did not have sufficient reason to leave the job. This will happen a few weeks into your claim.

  Kevscar1 09:28 19 Nov 2009

Your link says they CAN because the CRB is a statutory requirement.

  tullie 12:02 19 Nov 2009

Thats how i read it also.

  spuds 12:07 19 Nov 2009

Working in Care Homes is in most cases what I would call a stamina job and not one for the faint-hearted. Care Homes cater for all types of people with different disabilities or medical and age conditions, and I think most people are aware of that. Bosses of these place can also have a reputation of being very good to being extremely poor, both to their clients and employees.

At the job interview stage, you should have been told the terms of employment and had the opportunity to perhaps do an inspection tour of the premises. If this wasn't the case, then perhaps you only have yourself to blame for some of the events you are experiencing at the moment.

As others have suggested, contact your local CAB or Legal Advice Centre. The JobCentre should also have advisers available if wrongs have been done, especially in terms of employment if they sent you there for the job in the first place.

I have a friend who worked in a Care Home, and eventually she left the job suddenly because of the working conditions, so perhaps I know were you are coming from. In her case it was the hours she worked, by standing-in (usually at the last minute) for absent collegues who reported in sick, because she felt it was her duty to care for the residents. In the end she was unable to carry on the way she thought was correct, both for herself and the people she was looking after. Her training was on-job with a one day college course in hygiene, being a mother and having two elderly parents, I suppose helped!.

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