Lee Child

  ams4127 21:49 22 Jul 2011

Does anyone here read the books by Lee Child with his hero Jack Reacher?

Jack is described in the books as being a 6ft 5in tall, ex Military policeman who travels round the USA with just a toothbrush in his pocket. This man is big and tough.

So, who do you think has been selected to play him in the upcoming Hollywood movie?

The answer is Tom Cruise who stands at 5ft 7in. What a tragic case of miscasting.

  Bingalau 22:00 22 Jul 2011

It could have been Alan Ladd.

  interzone55 22:20 22 Jul 2011

I've read all the books, they pretty good if you like this sort of one-man army books, but I have to agree that I was stunned that Tom "Thumb" Cruise was chosen to play the part.

My only thought is that the rest of the cast will either be young children or Hobbits...

  JYPX 23:18 22 Jul 2011

I am reading them all - just started the 5th book. In my minds eye I can see a young Steven Seagal.

  canarieslover 07:52 23 Jul 2011

I reckon they may have to build his shoes up a bit more than usual.

  daz60 10:16 23 Jul 2011

I am sure that Tom Cruise will complain about the size of the toothbrush.

  gengiscant 11:22 23 Jul 2011

'It could have been Alan Ladd' that would have been interesting,is he not dead?

  gengiscant 11:23 23 Jul 2011

'In my minds eye I can see a young Steven Seagal' probably ranks as one of the worst actors of all time.

  JanetO 11:35 23 Jul 2011

Apparently Alan Ladd had to stand on a wooden box in some scenes in Shane. With Cruise it will have to be built-up shoes as well.

  Aitchbee 11:47 23 Jul 2011

The actor who played King Arthur in the film 'Excalibur' was vertically challenged...namely Nigel Terry.He had to carry a big tooth-pic around with him - his sword. Don't believe IMDB.com's 6'1" he was 5'6" probably 5'5" now.The boy scenes are a give away. My favourite film. Nigel's performance is breathtaking! (Merlin stole the show though)

  Woolwell 11:50 23 Jul 2011

A younger Clint Eastwood may have been suitable but not Tom Cruise.

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