Leather cleaning

  Shopgirl 14:19 13 Aug 2011

I have two leather sofas in dark green. What is the best way to clean them. I would be grateful if anybody could give me some views on this subject. Looking forward to your views.

  Pine Man 15:46 13 Aug 2011
  wiz-king 16:16 13 Aug 2011

Steer clear (pun intended) of any silicone polishes. Try saddle soap and a damp sponge; if you get froth, the sponge is too wet!

use this if it's really dirty followed by the tack conditioner (saddle soap)

  peter99co 20:25 13 Aug 2011

Aldi Link

It's worth a try if they have any in stock.

  gengiscant 08:51 14 Aug 2011

My good lady,bless her,had the chance to get a two piece cream leather suite off a friend,I have tried most things and the leather still looks crap. You only have to mention newspapers and I can see ink smudges forming. I hate it. But unfortunately finances stop either covering the offending settee and chair or replacing it.

  carver 09:45 14 Aug 2011

Hi, the best way to go about this is to clean the leather first with this http://www.theleathercare.co.uk/cleaning.html sort of product first, then apply http://www.theleathercare.co.uk/green_grison.html to bring the colour back.

It's not easy and requires some time to do it properly, you have to really get the leather clean for it to work and get an even colour.

I've only linked to those sites to give you an example of the sort of things you need.

  carver 09:49 14 Aug 2011
  gengiscant 10:59 14 Aug 2011

Cream leather suites + matches + petrol. LOL

  peter99co 11:39 14 Aug 2011

Cover it with a Throw.

Cover it up

  Shopgirl 08:48 15 Aug 2011

Thanks for all your views. Wiz-King were would i buy saddle soap.

  Quickbeam 08:53 15 Aug 2011

Saddle soap is available at equestrian tack shops, but I've always found that pledge furniture polish does just fine. Not the spray stuff, but the original beeswax polish in a flat tin. Used regularly, it keeps the leather in a good wipe clean condition so that it never gets to the grubby stage.

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