Learning Spanish, recommendations?

  Blackhat 23:48 12 Apr 2008

I am off to Mexico for a while in a few months and need a smattering of Spanish. I am going to spend a little on a CD course but there are a lot to choose from, I have looked at the likes of, Linguaphone allTalk Spanish CD course, Collins Language Revolution, Essential Spanish CD Rom etc.

Can anyone recommend from experience a beginners course for a quick learner?

  octal 23:58 12 Apr 2008

One of the best ways to learn is getting a Spanish teacher to help you. I spent two years learning Spanish at our local college and can just about get by with the routine things like ordering food and drink and asking directions etc. I couldn't get on too well at all with the CD's or other methods, but that's probably just me. Good luck with your learning.

  spuds 12:27 13 Apr 2008

Spanish as in Spain Spanish is slightly different to the Spanish spoken in South and Central America. Claredon College in Nottingham, use to have very good teaching facilities for learning foreign languages, including South/Central American Spanish.

You should get by,especially as English/American is well used in most popular towns and cities, but remember the deeper in the country, especially remote areas, local dialects are the normal, something that you will not find on a cd teaching course.

All the courses you mention, have a similar way of teaching, and nothing is really fast track, unless you are an extreme competent learner.

  barca1 12:29 13 Apr 2008

blackhat i speak very good spanish & my wife is spanish if we can be of any help please let me know, i'll leave you my email address

[email protected]


  Pineman100 16:38 13 Apr 2008

The BBC do a wide range of free online basic language courses. Try this one for starters!

click here

  anchor 16:49 13 Apr 2008

As stated, Latin American Spanish is certainly a bit different to Iberian Spanish.

Do remember that, if taking a class or buying an audio course.

  Bingalau 17:02 13 Apr 2008

If you have got the time you can't beat going to classes with a proper teacher. I went to night school to learn German and have never regretted it. As well as getting a good grounding in the language you learn other things such as habits and customs. You also make lots of friends.

  Blackhat 17:57 13 Apr 2008

Thank you all for your responses, I am having a play with the BBC link. I will probably go for the Linguaphone course as it is quite cheap on ebay. Time does not allow me to indulge in night school as I am off in a few months but Mrs B has just informed me that our new neighbor 2 doors up is Spanish!

Barca1, not a good idea to let out your email address on a live forum but thanks for the offer.

Spuds, I do consider myself an extreme competent learner, with O levels, A levels and a diploma under my belt with not one minutes revision I have the capacity to absorb as I learn. I am looking forward to testing myself against the course, I love a challenge.

Gracias todos para su ayuda.

  barca1 21:28 13 Apr 2008


lol Np's ive got lots of email addresses & they dont have my personal details there so the only way anyone could see my personal details is to ask me..

but still thankx & good luck!!!

  Doc Brown 22:19 13 Apr 2008

I am currently learning Spanish with the Michel Thomas courses. The foundation course is available from Amazon and has very good reviews.

click here

I think you can also download a demo from the Michel Thomas website.

click here

I am about 75% through the foundation course and it seems to give a good understanding of the structure of the language and the various tenses. He can be a bit annoying at times but the method seems far better than other methods of learning languages that I have tried.

I think you can download the courses including an introductory course through Audible/itunes as well.

  Blackhat 22:33 13 Apr 2008

I had looked at the Michel Thomas course and it is similar to the Linguaphone course, having just purchased the linguaphone one from ebay for £19 I will see how it goes, thanks for the info.

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