Learning to drive? Start saving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  charmingman 17:49 18 May 2008

I knew about this a few months ago BUT i had no proof of it so i didint start a thread, Have a look at this no doubt the goverment will have there "Drink" from the price increase..MORE money eh..

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  Curio 18:17 18 May 2008

They keep making the hurdles higher in lots of things besides driving. A good idea though if lives are saved.

  Forum Editor 18:43 18 May 2008

if you're not careful - one would be fine.

"Newly-qualified drivers and their passengers account for one in five of all car deaths in Britain. More than 14 young drivers and their passengers are killed every week and male drivers aged 17 to 20 are almost ten times more likely to be killed or seriously injured behind the wheel than men aged 40 to 59."

Accidents involving young drivers are on the increase, whereas those involving older drivers are decreasing - that sounds like a perfect reason for improving the standards of driving lessons and tests. In the end it will cost the country less, and that can only be a good thing.

  Bingalau 18:50 18 May 2008

I will put the cat amongst the pigeons by saying that, I think lessons given by relatives who are not qualified driving instructors should also be outlawed.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:55 18 May 2008

I have to agree with you there. Perhaps there should be a statutory minimum number of professional lessons before a test can be undertaken.

  laurie53 20:09 18 May 2008

In some countries on the mainland you have to do something like the Advanced Driving Test before you can instruct.

I had to do one to become a motorcycle club instructor.

5 x 100 question multiple choice question papers, and in my case because I was instructing mainly Brits three of the papers were based on UK traffic law.

Aggregate pass mark of 98% with no paper lower than 97%, and in each paper there were ten (random) "safety" questions (mainly dealing with priorities) any one of which answered wrongly was an instant fail with no resit for six months.

Having done this a one hour test drive with an advanced police driving instructor, giving a commentary for the whole hour, and including a spell on an autobahn when I was expected at least once to exceed 100 mph.

This was a "relaxed conditions" test as I was not going to be instructing for "remuneration"!

As an aside, if any car is found to be displaying L plates without a learner being under instruction then you lost your instructor's ticket. Since, for cars, this was a virtually a licence to print money, it was a hefty sanction.

Never had a student fail to pass on first attempt,
nor, for the ones I could check on, did any of them have a blameworthy accident.

  peter99co 22:08 18 May 2008

You can pass a test in India by driving a couple of hundred yards and doing a left and a right turn. I saw it on the TV, but cannot remember the program.

  Chegs ®™ 03:19 19 May 2008

I agree that something should be changed with regards to testing,but increasing the cost to these levels will simply produce higher numbers of provisional unsupervised drivers.

Many years ago,the government introduced various changes to motorcycles trying to reduce the carnage,Mopeds were restricted to a maximum design speed of 35mph so the majority of 16yr olds simply bought mopeds built before this change as the italian makers in particular were building 50cc machines that could reach 70-80mph.The change also reduced the maximum engine size a learner could use from 250cc to just 125cc,but there were 125's around that could reach almost 100mph so included in the change was a requirement that the max power produced by these 125cc machines was 12bhp.I remember seeing "big-bore kits" available that could be purchased which returned these 125's to road racers,but outwardly was little sign that it had been modified.

Around here,there was a motorcycle rally protesting because its been decided to close the wests testing centres meaning a learner motorcyclist has a long journey to carlisles test centre,then has to undertake their test on unfamiliar roads.The death toll out here is already higher than average for motorcyclists,this cost cutting will drive it higher still.

  Coffee Adict 06:07 19 May 2008

Afraid the cynic in me fails to see how this is going to stop a 17yr old showing off to his 17yr old passengers by driving too fast and losing control.

  Totally-braindead 12:56 19 May 2008

I don't thinking making it more differcult is the answer. The young think they are indestructable and therefore do stupid things.

What might help is if they place all newely qualified drivers in a particular set of cars for say 3 years till they learn a bit more on driving. And state they are not allowed to modify them, no bigger engines, no turbos, no tuned exausts etc. I was think about a reasonably small car that had a small engine and wouldn't go too fast ie topped out at say 70mph or whatever.

It wouldn't stop the deaths but I'm sure it would cut them down. Many of the deaths are caused by bad judgement combined with too much speed.

I suppose that idea is against their human rights and therefore should not even be considered.

  Si_L 13:04 19 May 2008

You don't even need to turn. You turn on the car, drive about 50 metres and then stop when asked. Thats really all there is to it.

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