Learner drivers on the motorway.

  Blackhat 10:08 20 Feb 2012

Not too sure about this.

BBC Newsbeat

I would have certainly appreciated professional driving instruction on the motorway during learning but how difficult will it be to monitor?

  johndrew 10:24 20 Feb 2012

In my opinion the rules should be that the driving test is in two parts. When the general competence has been passed then the high speed driving should be taught and tested. A bit like motorcycles where a restriction exists before you go on the road and further restrictions then exist on the engine capacity of the vehicle.

  spuds 11:49 20 Feb 2012

I have always maintained that learner drivers, after passing their test, should have 'restricted' plates displayed for say a period of one year. In that time they can use a motorway, providing that they are with a 'qualified person', who would have the authority to give 'motorway training'.

The article (like many similar articles) doesn't seem to mention unlicensed driver's who use motorways and other similar fast roads, perhaps on a regular basis?.

  Aitchbee 12:37 20 Feb 2012

Mike Penning has got his priorities completely wrong. Lowering car insurance premiums seems to be his only mantra, in this 'hare-brained' plan.

  Quickbeam 12:50 20 Feb 2012

After I passed my car test in 1974, I took the BSM optional 1 hour motorway lesson which I felt was a valuable experience.

I think that 2 hours compulsory post test lessons are right the balance.

  Bingalau 13:04 20 Feb 2012

I think once they have passed the driving test, they should be allowed on the motorways displaying a learner's plate of some type.

Also a couple of hours with a driving instructor prior to being allowed on the motorways alone, with afore mentioned plate. Maybe also a bit of experience in driving at night would not come amiss?

  Scillonia 14:19 20 Feb 2012

Someone actually doing the speed limit on a motorway? Nightmares will ensue ;-)

  Quickbeam 14:27 20 Feb 2012

It would be nice if you could actually ever get up to the speed limit on British motorways...

  birdface 14:38 20 Feb 2012

No need to take them on motorways there are loads of dual carriageways the likes of the A14 that are more sensible to use before even attempting to drive on Motorways.

A disaster waiting to happen.

  interzone55 15:09 20 Feb 2012


It would be nice if you could actually ever get up to the speed limit on British motorways...

Depends where you live. The nice stretch of the M6 that goes past my house is like a runway at times with people regularly hitting thee figure speeds.

As for the original post, I too feel that a compulsory motorway lesson a month or two after passing your test would be invaluable.

My brother is approaching his 50th birthday and has never driven on a motorway as he's terrified, it takes him about three hours to get from Manchester to my place in Carnforth...

  Noldi 16:58 20 Feb 2012

After my experience on the M25 at lunch time today, mostly mature drivers sitting in 3rd lane out of 4 totally oblivious to the fact the 2 lanes inside of them are empty. All drivers should have motorway training not just the youngsters.


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