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  IClaudio 19:36 31 May 2008

... 'What most annoys you about techology companies?'

What are 'Software sunset policies'? And what is 'Unrecoverable digital music files'? 'Exclusivity deals for mobile phones'? 'Uneccessary packaging'?'

What most annoys me, at my advanced age, is not having a clue what people are talking about ;)

  rdave13 20:15 31 May 2008

I don't particularly care about 'Software sunset policies' etc but glad to be able to tick the 'unwanted software on new PCs'. How many times I've had to get rid of this rubbish for other people is unbelievable.
Mostly the security suites. Ugh......

  wee eddie 20:24 31 May 2008

It is almost essential that Vendors install some type of Security Suite, because the Purchaser needs to be protected when they first Log-On to the Internet.

Many Newbies would never install an Anti Virus if it were not there in the first place and I believe that you could imagine the chaos that that would create on the Help-Lines!

  rdave13 20:36 31 May 2008

I agree but why not give out the information that there are free utilities to do this exact same job? They are quite quick to install Open Office.
Money smell here. Why not have the Microsoft equivalent trial version?

  belfman 22:06 31 May 2008

Sunsetting is where the owners set a dooms day for when the software becomes useless.

'Unrecoverable digital music files' As in the name Paid for music files with DRM that seem to get lost through an update or system change.

'Exclusivity deals for mobile phones' Not sure whether this relates to getting particular handsets on specific networks like o2 iPhone, or to do with free laptops with mobile broadband or something.

'Uneccessary packaging' Well that's easy enough. I once bought Norton from PC world. It was in a shoe box sized container when I opened it all that rattled in it was a small manual and a CD.

  Forum Editor 22:51 31 May 2008

can mean that you see a phone you really like, only to find that you can only get it from one network - your network provider doesn't have it.

It's a massive problem in America, where certain network providers don't cover certain areas, and people in outlying areas don't have the choice - they have to get phones from the network that provides a service where they live. It also means that the network with the exclusivity on a particular phone can charge a premium for it, because there's no competition. Just recently the network providers in outlying areas of the USA have combined to ask the Federal Communications Commission to investigate the exclusivity deal practice which they claim is anti-competitive.

And they're right.

  Totally-braindead 22:53 31 May 2008

If you don't understand the question then don't answer the survey. I'm sure if it seems puzzling to you it will puzzle others and if they get less replies than usual that would tell whoever creates these things that theres some sort of problem.

I can't answer it as theres more than one item that really annoys me, but none annoy me more than the others.

  Forum Editor 23:19 31 May 2008

and I can guarantee that there'll always be someone who doesn't like the questions, or who thinks they could have been framed in better terms - you can't win.

The thing is, the polls are simply a way of testing opinion - they're not so deadly serious that anything vital hangs on the result. We know that not everyone will find an option that fits, and we know that there might sometimes be more, or less options, but in the main we get a decent number of responses, and the results are pretty interesting. Those who study such things know that website polls rely on people who fancy responding, rather than a scientifically selected sample of the population as a whole, so the result can only be a guide to the opinions of those who use a particular site.

Humour us, and have a go, even if your favourite option isn't there. You can always pick an option that comes close.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:22 31 May 2008

its unwanted software. Although If I was compiling the list I would have phrased it as unwanted *pre-installed* software.


  rdave13 02:11 01 Jun 2008

Stuff the money grabbing big boys and give the new purchaser a choice.
Not easy getting rid of a preinstalled 'security suite' unless you know of the right uninstaller. Something akin to a Virus....what?

  €dstowe 06:43 01 Jun 2008

We should be able to tick all of them.

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