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  pj123 16:05 08 Dec 2007

Why is there not an option that says: "None"

Yes, I know I don't have to vote, but without that option it could have a bearing on the outcome. How many other forum members would say "none"?

  Coffee Adict 16:09 08 Dec 2007

Me for one. Laptop was chrissy pressie to self last year and as I bought a new printer in July thought I'd better just stick to a couple of cheap games this time.

  spuds 16:15 08 Dec 2007

Like all Polls and Surveys, there is always some missing and perhaps essential informatives ;o)

  anskyber 16:21 08 Dec 2007

Well I would say none,

I'm happy with what I have but if the poll is designed to see which are the top items for purchase (or wishlist) then the poll is fine surely?

  skidzy 18:00 08 Dec 2007

Why is there not an option that says: "None"

Some would like to think that we all have a christmas wish of sorts.
Now would any of us turn down a new Desktop or Laptop or even a games console for the kids etc.

  Sapins 18:05 08 Dec 2007

All I want is a button to delete the pol!

  Totally-braindead 18:16 08 Dec 2007

Its fairly obvious that they are more interested in what technology you do want rather than what you don't want hence the answers available.

I don't wish for any of them so I don't vote, easy enough.

  skidzy 18:19 08 Dec 2007

Aarrgh Totally-braindead your so sweet,now i thought you would like that new pc,oh just have to send it back then Lol :-))

  Totally-braindead 18:25 08 Dec 2007

Well I'm not being picky. I have a digital camera, not a great one but then I'm not a great photographer. I have a desktop PC, not interested in a games console, don't want a laptop as I can't upgrade it, have a mobile phone and an MP3 player and can't drive so a SATNAV isn't that much use.

Of course if someone wants to give me a high spec PC or a top of the range digital camera for free then please go ahead.

But I won't hold my breath :-)

To be honest thinking about it would prefer the cash.

Please send cash to:

C/O Hopelessly optimistic towers
Happy land

Thank you.

  skidzy 18:31 08 Dec 2007

On its way TB,though for some reason i doubt your receive it Lol.

  laurie53 18:57 08 Dec 2007

I wish there was an option for "Lessons on how to use the technology you've already got"!

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