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  Chris the Ancient 18:02 08 Aug 2007



The one answer I would like to give isn't there.

"Yes. Macs are OK and good at what they do well."

To me, they're neither rubbish nor brilliant.

  Chris the Ancient 18:03 08 Aug 2007

I have used both platforms!

  Stuartli 18:04 08 Aug 2007

I remember working with Macs in the early 1980s - even then they were streets ahead of anything else around capability wise.

  laurie53 19:57 08 Aug 2007

Yes but they're not for me.

  Totally-braindead 20:40 08 Aug 2007

Every poll they do, someone always comes out with the same comment. The option I wanted wasn't there.
Personally I hardly ever vote as usually the answer I want to give isn't there. If it isn't there then don't vote - no problem.

  Jimmy14 23:26 08 Aug 2007

It is truly spectacular. I love the new ATI HD graphics cards they come with so I am considering buying one myself.

click here
click here

  powerless 23:34 08 Aug 2007

No, but I had seen the one they released yesterday ;-))

This pic sums up the iMac click here

  Forum Editor 23:38 08 Aug 2007

they're a joy to use, and more so, now that they come with Intel Core Duo processors.

I have issues with the Safari browser, but that's another story - the computers themselves are wonderful, and visually they beat anything else hands down. I've always said the same thing - if Apple could just find a way to bring the prices down to a more affordable level they would make enormous inroads into the PC market.

  Jimmy14 23:43 08 Aug 2007

Accept my deepest apologies for getting the day wrong by one day but it does say today on Apple's website. :))

  Kate B 23:46 08 Aug 2007

I'm going to be replacing my elderly and creaking iBook with a new Macbook in the autumn when Leopard is released. I love Macs.

  powerless 23:47 08 Aug 2007


They make a nice Mac Mini and MacBook.

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