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  €dstowe 14:05 23 May 2007

I've not had anyone phone me about changing phone providers but I've often been accosted in supermarkets about special deals if I change to Tesco or Sainsbury's something or other.

Worst, though, was Sunday last when some spotty youth armed with clipboard started a conversation with me in the garden (I was pulling out the old daffodils).

He was wearing an electricity company anorak "thing" and he was trying to get me to change my electricity provider, my gas provider, my telephone services provider and the person who serviced my central heating boiler.

My electricity and gas are already provided by the company he was representing but this didn't stop him going through his scripted spiel of the advantages of changing. I have no complaints about my telephone services so I'm not going to change that and my boiler is serviced by a local retired service engineer who does most of the local gas work. Even so, this youth was talking for over an hour, knowing he must have been on to a dead lead so full marks for determination.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:45 23 May 2007

'Even so, this youth was talking for over an hour,'...well done to that young man, he was obvious;ly persistent enough to keep you from your daffs for an hour.


  €dstowe 15:59 23 May 2007

No, I carried on pulling the daffs.

  Bingalau 17:11 23 May 2007

Edstowe. What on earth were you pulling up daffs for? It is surely a bit early to be doing that. The foliage on mine hasn't yet died off.

  Rigga 17:48 23 May 2007

Whenever anyone comes to the door to sell you those sort of things, gas, electric, double glazing etc.. just mention the word rented, and they go away.. simple..


  €dstowe 18:58 23 May 2007

My daffs were well on the way to becoming dormant - the outer leaves had died off so I thought it time to get them up ready for some more planting this weekend.

Now the house and garden are more established, though, I'm considering planting a more permanent collection of low shrubs (pyracantha, prostrate junipers, lavender, spiraea and such) at the front.

  spuds 19:27 23 May 2007

We have a rather obvious "Don't want. Don't disturb" sign at the side of the door, covering most subjects. Still doesn't stop people ringing the bell, then on answering we hear, "Sorry we rang the bell, but I thought!!" Very annoying.

  Totally-braindead 20:20 23 May 2007

spuds try putting underneath "this means you as well, sling your hook I'm not interested and have a very big vicious dog who hasn't been fed for a week, and hes the one who will answer the door."

  Jimmy14 20:26 23 May 2007

Woman from pipex called practically telling me I would have their phone package and wanted to send out the information pack then it would take a few days for it to be changed over. Strongly objected and insisted I had a decent enough phone package already.

  beb 23:22 23 May 2007

Ive never had phone/broadband companys phone me but ive had all the others , i make up things on the spur of the moment
double glazing....sorry live in basement flat only one window

  oresome 23:42 23 May 2007

"i make up things on the spur of the moment"

You might find it easier to say "no thank you" without hesitation or interuption. Any sign of weakness will be detected and you could be in it for the long haul like €dstowe.

The last pair who visited me wanted to check the serial numbers on the utility meters "for their records". On closer questioning be me, they glanced at each other and dropped this line of approach.

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