Latest Police Reaction (Is it terrorism?)

  Bing.alau 18:23 22 May 2013

It looks like the police were pretty quick in reacting to a terrible incident in London this afternoon. It seems a man was attacked with machetes etc., he died and the police shot the attackers who it has been said on TV were Muslims. The man who was attacked was wearing a "Help The Hero's" Shirt. It is thought he may be a soldier.

I'm wondering was it a planned attack? How were armed police on the spot so quickly, perhaps they were expecting something to happen, but then couldn't react quickly enough to save the man who was attacked. We will no doubt learn more later but as COBRA have been meeting over the incident it must be very serious.

  Al94 18:29 22 May 2013

BBC reports tend to suggest a Muslim extremist attack. If so we should not be surprised. A terrible situation.

  john bunyan 18:54 22 May 2013

This is a bit like the Boston Bombers. A woman witness called the police and the school, which "locked down" . It seems they were filming, too and the events were gruesome. If both were killed by the police, at least some costs are saved and these people stopped in future, but a pity they could not be interrogated to find their chain of command and friends, all of whom should be rounded up and locked up if guilty, deported if foreign passport holders, along with their families. I know the "human rights" of the innocent argument, but these people have no concept of empathy or regard for human rights of their victims.

  Forum Editor 19:05 22 May 2013

"How were armed police on the spot so quickly"

I don't know about other cities, but in London armed officers are patrolling the city in unmarked cars all the time, ready for a rapid response to incidents like this one.

  interzone55 19:08 22 May 2013

BBC just said the police took 20 minutes to arrive, which is somewhat less than quick.

  Nontek 19:10 22 May 2013

If both were killed by the police,

On the BBC TV News they stated that the two shot by police were seriously injured - nothing about being shot dead.

  Bing.alau 19:14 22 May 2013

I was under the impression that arms were only issued on very rare occasions, and under strict rules. But then maybe I haven't kept up with modern thinking. I think every police officer should be armed as in other European countries and of course the USA.

Just as a matter of interest, are Canadian police officers armed?

I am a keen watcher of Murdoch on TV and think it is a brilliant show. Some of the stories are far fetched of course. But I liked the episode with Winston Churchill as a visiting journalist and another where Murdoch ends up flying one of the first aeroplanes over the Niagara Falls. But I can't recall seeing any weapons carried by any of the police.

  Bing.alau 19:14 22 May 2013

Yes I do tend to ramble about don't I?

  carver 19:19 22 May 2013

Bing.alau we understand and we don't hold it against you.

  al's left peg 19:19 22 May 2013

What a sad state of affairs this country is in now I find.

The continuing threat by these animals has entered a new era in most peoples eyes. Asking members of the public to film and photograph the act of murdering a serving British soldier is sick in the extreme. The politicos will threaten to clamp down and a different attitude to these people but it will not happen. The same was threatened after the 7/7 bombings but the spineless people in charge of this country will carry on standing idly by whilst this cancer in our midst grows with the assistance of the Human Rights Act.

The animals who have carried out this act have been in my opinion encouraged by the spineless attempts of the government to fail to deal with the promoters of this act, people like Quotada and the like. They smirk at us ordinary people of the UK whilst picking up state benefits and have legal aid delivered by the wheelbarrow load to support their Human Rights.

What a mess. We have bent over backwards to allow them to live a life free of the hardships of their own country and support them at times to the detriment of our own ways. It's time for change, and by that I mean stop fannying about with this useless human rights act and start putting the security and well being of the good, honest and law abiding UK citizens first, instead of those that threaten, kill, maim or abuse our children.

  Joseph Kerr 19:25 22 May 2013

I find it interesting that "terrorism" now seems to mean "the work of Islamic extremists".

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