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  crosstrainer 14:33 23 Jan 2009

Would seem to indicate that a large majority of people still refuse to admit that the final curtain WILL fall on XP. Microsoft would appear to have a real task on their hands in order to convince people to change. I know a lot of this is down to hardware, and in the present economic climate, it would seem even less likely that they will mange to persuade companies and home users to make the switch.

This will leave them with a huge headache, perhaps forcing them to further extend the support life of XP, and putting them in the position of supporting 3 mainstream operating systems at the same time, not to mention the server versions.

They may well find that this backfires badly, as corporate users turn to Open Source solutions such as Unix and Linux for networking requirements. Time will tell.

  pcmags 14:37 23 Jan 2009

XP is probably the most used O/S.
It's stable & thats why users want to keep it.
Vista is still having teething problems with another service pack being rolled out.
Windows 7 is still in Beta mode!

If i change it may well be to Linux as i'm sure Windows 7 will cost £££.

  crosstrainer 14:43 23 Jan 2009

You are not alone, I am still in touch with many of my old clients, and they are thinking the same way....Some are considering the Mac platform as well. If you don't play games, and just want a fast, low resource demand solution, then I can see people moving over in droves.

Open office is excellent, and many other open source applications are now in the public domain.

Versions of MS Office for the Leopard O/S have been around for quite a while now. This may well prove to be an O/S too far for Microsoft....Loyalty only goes so far, and if you have to upgrade all your servers and office PC's in order to run Vista (never mind 7) then you are going to look for a cheaper alternative.

  dagnammit 15:30 23 Jan 2009

XP is being sold by the bucket load on notebooks and netbooks so XP will be round for a while.

I personally went for a Linux version (netbook) and my next desktop will run Linux too. I'm tired of Windows and I only use consoles for gaminng so it really has nothing to offer me any longer.

  crosstrainer 15:34 23 Jan 2009

Might make for an interesting follow up poll? Of particular interest would be those IT pro's working with corporate networking.

  interzone55 15:43 23 Jan 2009

My Wife is still using Windows 2000 on her laptop, it does everything she needs, so there is no reason to switch until the laptop dies. Considering it's an IBM ThinkPad then that isn't going to be any time soon.

My Father in Law is using MacOS 5 on a Mac II, it does everything he needs, although he may have to drag himself into the 21st century as it's becoming increasingly difficult to find ink for his equally aged Canon bubble jet. I think a new iMac may be on the cards this year...

  pcmags 15:45 23 Jan 2009

Office 2000 is fine for most users.
The difference between the later editions are only really needed if you use Office extensively!

  crosstrainer 15:46 23 Jan 2009

And Apple's latest results are showing a substantial profit increase, whilst Microsoft prepare to make 5000 redundant....Writing on the wall?

  oresome 15:47 23 Jan 2009

I'd liken an operating system to tyres for the car.

They're necessary for it to function, but aren't replaced until they have to be and the purchase doesn't provide any pleasure.

  crosstrainer 15:55 23 Jan 2009

Depends on how you ruin the tyres! My new car (which is still in the garage with 89 miles on the clock) Which I've not yet been able to use due to illness , would be lot's of fun to ruin the tyres, but would need a disused runway! I reckon I could go through a whole set in afternoon easily....Of course this would be highly irresponsible, not to mention expensive.

On a serious note though, The day's of Windows O/S domination are (In my opinion) coming to an end.

  bremner 16:23 23 Jan 2009

There is no bigger supporter of the Mac O/S and Macs than me. I own two and have five at my personal disposal at work. OS X knocks spots off any MS or Linux OS.

However IMO we are nowhere near seeing MS's domination coming to end.

MacOS and Linux will for the foreseeable future remain niche products, perhaps accounting for a maximum 10-15% of the market.

Vista seems destined to go down in history as a disappointment much like ME. Despite this it has sold tens of millions of copies.

Microsoft are desperate for 7 to be received much better than Vista and are pulling out all the stops.

The view of less than 2000 computer savvy members is not representative of the general buying public who take whatever O/S is installed and that will be Vista/7 on 90% of computers.

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