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  jakimo 11:04 31 May 2009
  user8 15:05 01 Jun 2009

Only "big" whilst on TV.
The real thing will be if he is still making a living in show business in 10 years!
I doubt it with out the input of TV.

  User-1229748 15:41 01 Jun 2009

i hope he's still making a tidy living doing what he loves doing,he certainly hasn't let the success go to his head,which will give him as good a chance as anyone.good luck to him,wish i had a voice like that.

  pavvi 23:17 01 Jun 2009

I hope that I am indeed still making a living in 10 years from what I love doing. I am grateful, however for the two yaers that I have had so far. You are right about the need for digital media, which is why more and more opera companies and west end theatres are apiring up with sky and other digital outlets. My future is in the hands of the buying public and I will be grateful for each day I get.

I'm also grateful for this forum as it gives me plenty of reading when I have a spare moment. I don't always have time to post, but there is always plenty to think about here...

  Stuartli 00:27 02 Jun 2009

>>I doubt it with out (sic) the input of TV.>>

Get real.

Paul will still be making a lot of money in 20 years' time, never mind 10.

What's more it will certainly be a lot, lot more than you will be achieving and, I suspect, 98-99 per cent of this website's registered members.

As I've said in another thread, it never ceases to amaze me how so many people in the UK love to knock those who are successful.

It's a complete contrast to, for example, the States where anyone who does well is lauded to the skies.

One more point. Even if Paul was to fall by the wayside tomorrow, the rising star which is Carphone Warehouse will readily welcome back one of its former employees with open arms (and a modest pay rise)....:-))

  laurie53 08:48 02 Jun 2009

"there is always plenty to think about here..."

Must be quite frustrating having to be a bit circumspect in what you post.

I can just imagine the headline if pavvi expressed even mild agreement with some of the posts in the MP's expenses threads -

"Paul Potts says all MP are thieves and vagabonds and should go"!

  jakimo 11:57 02 Jun 2009

As long as the majority of people stay like me and appreciate talent when they hear it then Paul will do very nicely thank you

  jakimo 11:59 02 Jun 2009

forgot to mention are you not aware of his sellout live concerts home & abroad,do your homework!

  jakimo 12:04 02 Jun 2009

"Paul Potts says all MP are thieves and vagabonds and should go"

I dont know if he would say that, but if he did would it be very far from the truth?

  Stuartli 13:00 02 Jun 2009

Perhaps this hypothetical question should read:

"I don't know if he would say that, but if he said '...some MPs are thieves and vagabonds and should go', that would probably not be very far from the truth"...:-)

  jakimo 13:03 02 Jun 2009

I stand corrected

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