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  Brumas 20:16 18 Mar 2007

This postcard is obviously of troops dining in a mess-hall, but I wonder why so many different brass shoulder titles are on display?
I can make out N.U.H. and A.C. however I do not know what Regiments or Corps these are. The style of uniform would seem to indicate that they are British WW1 soldiers.

I know we cannot possibly identify the exact location/situation or date this postally unused old postcard but any observations or comments are welcome.

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It goes without saying that these ‘postcard puzzlers’ I dig up may not, in some/many instances, have a right or wrong solution so a green-tick might just be my way of letting them return once more to dusty obscurity!

P.S. Bingalau – They are eating with knives & forks so I don’t think they are bootnecks ;o)

  crosstrainer 20:30 18 Mar 2007

This is Icorps stuff.. best left.

  Brumas 20:36 18 Mar 2007

Please explain?

  STREETWORK 20:51 18 Mar 2007


A.C = Air Corps

  WhiteTruckMan 21:00 18 Mar 2007

I dont think they were american. They would have had collar less tunics in that period. Plus they would have worn forage cap type headgear instead of the peaked cap seen in the picture.

For such an old indoor picture though it does seem uncommonly well lit though. Far more than you would expect from a simple magnesium flash. Perhaps it had a factory type glass roof on a sunny day.


  Ho-Lin-Sok 21:10 18 Mar 2007

They have the crown insignia on the collar. They could be commonwealth soldiers Canadians or Anzacs perhaps.

  riiverstock 21:12 18 Mar 2007

If American then The I Corps (First Corps) aka ("eye core"), nicknamed America's Corps, is a corps of the United States Army with headquarters in Fort Lewis, Washington. The I Corps serves under the U.S. Army Pacific Command (USARPAC). click here

Looking at the faces of the men in the photos indicates that they were well fed and looked fit.Therefore,they may well have been American.

  riiverstock 21:19 18 Mar 2007

Or is crosstrainer implying British INTELL. C.(Intelligence Corps)?
Secrets and all that!

  Brumas 22:21 18 Mar 2007

I , and I suspect the members who have read this, am intrigued by your comment.
I am even more intrigued as to why you haven't elaborated on it, given as it is so cryptic!

  TOPCAT® 23:04 18 Mar 2007

Several clues give it away. Some are wearing lanyards at their left shoulder which I can't recall any American or Canadian troops doing and the clincher for me is the guys eating their food correctly with the fork in the left and knife in the right hand. TC.

  Blackhat 23:13 18 Mar 2007

Ho-Lin-Sok, the insignia on the collar, best seen bottom right on the close up resembles this click here

Master wings of the Icorps.

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