Latest health scare!

  Cymro. 12:17 17 Aug 2009

Surprised this one has not been posted already or are you like me fed-up with such things. It would be my bacon sandwich that I would miss the most. But have no intention of being scared by such reports.
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  Stuartli 14:49 17 Aug 2009
  crosstrainer 14:54 17 Aug 2009

Bacon, processed meat, what next?

  JYPX 15:06 17 Aug 2009

I believe the government are going to advise the public to use extreme caution when eating corned beef because "the tin is a bit sharp".

  crosstrainer 15:09 17 Aug 2009

...:)) I have led an exemplary life, kept fit etc. etc. What did it get me?

DVT, and house confinement. My advice eat what you want, drink what you want.. (within reason of course)

  Grey Goo 18:39 17 Aug 2009

Constipation probably causes more cancer than Bacon. We need a "Get Britain Moving" initiative rather than a ban on Pig meat in all it's preserved forms. Be nice to see the Bowel Cancer stats. for the Muslim community as a comparison.

  crosstrainer 10:39 18 Aug 2009

Curry does get things moving....:))

  Armchair 11:02 18 Aug 2009

I've been through times where I couldn't produce a no.2, even though I was eating normally, for up to ten days in a row.

  Stuartli 12:14 18 Aug 2009

Too much information.

  Armchair 16:25 18 Aug 2009

No, Stuart, you're just pretending to be a sensitive soul.

  crosstrainer 16:27 18 Aug 2009

He isn't pretending, he is a sensitive soul....:))

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