Latest development in spam???

  Jackcoms 11:45 06 Jun 2007

In spite of living in England and in spite of using Mailwasher, a lot of my daily deluge of spam is now in German!!

Is this the latest phenomena or have the Germans just entered the spam market?

  monkeyboy21 11:57 06 Jun 2007

Nope, i'm getting a lot of cyrrilic (is that correct?) lettering 5 or 6 times a day and can only assume it's russian or east european in origin!

  lisa02 12:10 06 Jun 2007

No spam what so ever. Other than mailings I've subscribed to.

  lisa02 12:11 06 Jun 2007

To answer your Question, I bought a tin of "Stinky French Garlic" Spam the other day. Didn't see any German ones though.

  Cymro. 12:13 06 Jun 2007

Up until about 6 months ago I hardly ever had a any spam, but I am now receiving about 30

a day. I think I may have entered my Email address on some survey or other. I should have known better.

  Z1100 12:22 06 Jun 2007
  Jackcoms 12:39 06 Jun 2007

I'm partial to sauerkraut. Does that count?

"I can beat that...
I get 'the mailer-daemon' sending mail back to my own domain"

'Fraid not. I get that rubbish as well. ;-((

  Stuartli 19:55 06 Jun 2007

I get the same returns - clearly e-mails are being forward from my system in some way (none of mine) and being sent back.

However, I just delete them. All virus and antispyware checks come up clean.

I've also had a fair number of spam e-mails in other languages.

It all gets delivered by one source, Tiscali.

I still extensively use a e-mail address.

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