The Latest Bacon Scare

  morddwyd 08:38 13 Jan 2012

Is my senility getting worse, or is this old news?

I'm sure I remember this story coming up several times in the past, and this similar story dates from 2005

  carver 08:58 13 Jan 2012

"Is my senility getting worse, or is this old news?" can't answer the first part but you could be right on second part.

So I presume you will be cutting down on the amount you eat from now on, we don't want any thing to happen to such a young bloke like yourself.

  Quickbeam 09:15 13 Jan 2012

Quorn bacon just isn't the same, I think I'll just take the risk of losing my marbles.

  Quickbeam 09:16 13 Jan 2012

..although some would say that's already happened.

  wiz-king 09:24 13 Jan 2012

If you want to stop eating bacon - use macon - a couple of slices willl put you off for life.

  morddwyd 10:08 13 Jan 2012

From the time we got married in 1963 until a doctor told her the salt was bad for me in 1983, my wife cooked me two rashers of bacon and a fried egg every working morning, even when I was on an early shift at 4.00am or thereabouts.

(I never asked her to, or expected her to, it's just something that she, and many other wives, did)

I'm not saying it never did me any harm, but so far we managed to get through it.

Even now there are very few weekends without some oak smoked, dry cured, Gloucester Old Spot streaky in a roll on the breakfast menu.

  badgery 10:21 13 Jan 2012

It always seems to me that everything we eat has been part of some 'health scare' in recent times.

Similarly, even so-called 'good' things like jogging, destroys our knees - so my attitude is if it tastes bad, it is, if not, it's OK. If it hurts - stop doing it.

I'll live with the consequences and it will be my fault if I'm wrong!!

  Scillonia 12:01 13 Jan 2012

I diced with death this morning, but the bacon butty was well worth it!

  Aitchbee 12:13 13 Jan 2012

My new year's resolution was/is to give up pies(sausage rolls, bridies, pastries..), and sausages (links, square, savaloy...) and just have bacon instead.

Well...I am just stickin' to that!

  Covergirl 12:40 13 Jan 2012

Name three things that don't give you cancer these days? I rest my case.

  johndrew 14:07 13 Jan 2012

"I rest my case."

I think that is one of the three!!!

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