Late flight departures.

  gengiscant 13:39 12 Jul 2011

I am watching for information that my better half's plane has taken off from Faro, it was supposed to happen at 12:50, so 40 minutes late. This got me thinking about flight departures which never seem to leave on time, at least mine or my partners never has. Is this a budget airline thing or are flight departure times nothing more than a starting point,the plane will not leave earlier but there is no real schedule.

I can appreciate if there is bad weather or some sort of emergency but I do not think I have known of a flight that has actually left on time or within a few minutes of its scheduled time.

  muddypaws 14:08 12 Jul 2011

hgengiscant The below link ( if it appears) may explain how the system works and posible causes of some delays. Read the 'idiots guide'

  bremner 14:58 12 Jul 2011

Until the last few years I used to fly transatlantic and across eurpope pretty regularly. I would say that 90% of my flights took off on time. They were always scheduled flights with big airlines.

Where I had more delays was landing, particluarly at Heathrow where stacks were a regular issue.

  gengiscant 15:02 12 Jul 2011

I have discovered that the flight probably took off on time or thereabouts as it is scheduled to land in Edinburgh 15 minutes early. But it is still not shown as having left on the Faro website.

  johndrew 16:19 12 Jul 2011

The sites that show departures arrivals are often not updated as frequently as you may think. If you check them on BBC TV (red button) this becomes very apparent.

Why they aren't linked directly to the boards in the airport I'm not certain - perhaps they are but a delay occurs online.

  gengiscant 16:28 12 Jul 2011

'The sites that show departures arrivals are often not updated as frequently as you may think'

Quite the reverse,I do not think they are updated as often as they should be.

  birdface 20:46 12 Jul 2011

I go to the airport quite frequently to pick up relations and most of the flights come in early. I always check first to see if the flights are early as I do not want to be hanging around airports waiting.

Small airports I usually give them 30 minutes to get past the customs so add that to my travel time and the likes of Heathrow 45min to 1 hour.

Maybe I have just been lucky but so far have not needed to wait for late arrivals.

  Noldi 20:00 14 Jul 2011

I had a 20min delay on monday but we landed on time after a 1h 15min flight. Normally I have found flight shedules have a % built in so they land on time.


  lucky1 20:16 14 Jul 2011

fourm member - fascinating site thanks

  Bingalau 21:29 14 Jul 2011

Thanks for the site Fourm member! I had my lad visiting me and said "Come and see this site it's brilliant" He looked and said "Blimey Dad, I've had that on my phone for yonks". So I am still a bit of a dinosaur it seems.

  Forum Editor 23:37 14 Jul 2011

Lots of flights depart on time, but obviously many don't.

Take-off can be delayed for a variety of reasons, one of them being passengers who hold up the aircraft because they miss the various calls that are broadcast in the departure lounges.

There may be technical difficulties with the aircraft's systems, and these must be fully resolved before there can be a push-back from the stand.

There may be a problem with a landing slot delay at the destination.

No aircraft can depart its airport of origin until there is a confirmed landing slot at the destination, and the system for allocating slots - particularly in Europe - is massively inefficient. There are roughly 26,000 commercial flights every day over Europe, but there could be more, if only the landing slots were allocated with a greater degree of concentration on maximising traffic, rather than safeguarding the interests of the big airlines.

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