At last - something to shout about down here!

  TopCat® 14:21 30 Sep 2010

To many people Cornwall has been thought of as a nice place for holidays and not much more, except maybe as a suitable retirement area away from the rat-race of working life. Today, BT has announced it is about to roll out high speed broadband to over 90 percent of the county, which will be a much needed boost to businesses and consumers alike. click here

The major drawback to this scheme is the fact that to install the fibre-optic cables will mean digging up pavements and roads which will increase costs considerably. It is a great pity that a sewer infrastructure installation is meeting such opposition from some water utilities for, as far as I'm concerned, this is the obvious and more cost effective way to go. Unless you know differently, of course. TC.

  sunnystaines 14:38 30 Sep 2010

we like cornwall but our last visit in our camper got no tv signal on freeview desite a big boost to signals in that area, poor phone, no mobile internet or analouge tv.

would have liked to have bought a house there but too many problems with no maingas supplies, cesspools needed, and porous old stone houses full of damp. in the area's we looked at.

  Monoux 16:45 30 Sep 2010

FTTC & FTTH. I seem to recal you used the fact that someone had used acronyms saying you don't do hieroglyphics to have a dig at them in one of your frequent spats.

Shame you don't practice what you preach

  jakimo 18:19 30 Sep 2010

did you know that he admitted he gets noises in his head. So please be a little considerate

  Forum Editor 18:21 30 Sep 2010

It's a shame you haven't anything better to do than deliberately stirring up trouble, just for the sake of it.

  gardener 19:19 30 Sep 2010


We've just been looking to buy a house down there too and came to the same conclusions about damp, cesspools etc.

Back to the thread:

Most of Cornwall lies over a granite bedrock, I don't envy the ones digging the channels!

  Monoux 20:19 30 Sep 2010

FE : I was merely pointing out the duplicity of the man -- Reap as you sow springs to mind

  Yimbo 20:28 30 Sep 2010


  morddwyd 20:32 30 Sep 2010

Cornwall has always been at the forefront of electronic signalling, from wireless to Goonhilly.

  sunnystaines 21:03 30 Sep 2010

acid in the sewers will eat away at the plastic coated cables

  Monoux 22:23 30 Sep 2010

by the same token perhaps Yimbo should be Bimbo

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