Last Man Out Of Twin Towers 9/11 UK Talk

  zimzala 20:44 19 Jan 2007

Here is is website of the last man out of the Twin towers on 9/11..... click here

click here

This video was very informative showing how the towers where constructed ...
To all people and the familes who died that day you are always in my thoughts..

  Kate B 20:48 19 Jan 2007

"always in my thoughts"? Really? You think all the time about the relatives - whom I presume you don't know - of the thousands of people who died nearly six years ago, who I also presume you don't know?

Serious point: of course 9/11 was an appalling atrocity and a tragedy on a huge scale, but that kind of platitude is just nonsense. Unless of course you did know each of the victims and their surviving loved ones personally, in which case I withdraw the remark.

  zimzala 20:53 19 Jan 2007

I don't know where you get off attacking me like that.. I may not be so cold and self centerd as others... They are in my thoughts as is all the people been killed everyday by senseless wars..

Maybe if some people wern't so selfish because there alright in their life...and take time to think of others you might know what I mean

  Al94 20:57 19 Jan 2007

That was out of order Kate B

  rezeeg 20:59 19 Jan 2007

Par for the course.

  Kate B 21:00 19 Jan 2007

I thought it was silly sentimental nonsense, the kind that's spouted a little too often. Apologies if I upset you, that wasn't my intent - it wasn't about you personally. It was about the twee sentimentality. I am extremely sorry for the people who lost loved ones but they're not in my thoughts all the time, and anyone who says they are is lying unless they're either a) a relative of the dead or b) maudlin and without enough real emotion in their lives.

  hzhzhzhz 21:01 19 Jan 2007

Kate B

What a dreadful reply. :-(

  Al94 21:02 19 Jan 2007

I feel sorry for anyone who feels the need to be as judgmental!

  Kate B 21:03 19 Jan 2007

I don't think there's any harm in being provocative occasionally - which was what I intended. I'm not intending to upset anyone personally. Think about it - do you really, all the time, think about the victims of disasters? I don't, as very sorry as I feel for them. A good friend of mine lost his girlfriend on 7/7 and I think about him a bit - but not all the time.

  Al94 21:05 19 Jan 2007

Pathetic attempt to justify a stupid provocative comment.Pity there are so many "Jade Goody" types in UK now!

  Kate B 21:09 19 Jan 2007

Personal abuse is not debating, A94. Please remember that. And think about what I said - first, I was not intending to offend zimzala. I don't doubt the sentiment was genuine. I just get somewhat exasperated by emotional rubbernecking, by people making someone else's tragedy theirs for a vicarious thrill. Think about it logically - can you really at all times have victims of tragedies in your thoughts? Have you spent all day thinking about, for example, the parents of the child killed yesterday when a wall collapsed on him in north London? I was very sad for the family and for the child when I saw that on the news last night - that's a natural human emotion - but I don't know him or his family so my sadness is muted and I move on from it.

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