The last great social divide

  Apron 13:38 16 Nov 2006

I have just received my first invitation for the December round of fun. I don't want to go, Why? because I smoke and they don't. The smokers will be miserable and leave early to finish the evening in a congenial smoking house. Will we now divide into smokers and non smokers and live our social lives accordingly?
I have no problem not smoking in theatres and in public and of course not in front of the babies. But I am expected to tolerate it when people get very drunk and throw up on me, I should think they could allow me a quick ciggie after dinner.
I am more than happy to be isolated at home when that day dawns, so either tell me to do that, make smoking a solitary vice or let me be.

  Cymro. 13:46 16 Nov 2006

You say
"I am expected to tolerate it when people get very drunk and throw up on me,"
So how often exactly does this happen? and if you put up with it then that is your own fault for doing so.
I have no intention of putting up with your smoke, why should I?

  Kate B 15:01 16 Nov 2006

I don't have a problem with people smoking: you're an adult and it's up to you. I'd rather you didn't smoke in my flat because I don't smoke, so if you came to a Christmas bash of mine I'd ask you to step outside for a fag - that seems a good compromise to me. I hear you about drunk people but just as people who are really opposed to smokers don't go to places where people smoke, if you're really opposed to drunk people, don't go to places where people are going to get drunk.

My only real objection to smokers is when they do it in places they're asked not to and where it's relevant to safety. I'm rather of the view that bars and clubs should be exempt from the ban. If the clientele of a bar or club really hates the smoke, they'll go elsewhere and the management will get the message and perhaps change the policy.

Pubs and clubs are grown-up places where grown-ups do grown-up things, like drink, dance badly and smoke. It's a considered decision to go to those places: I do, and I don't smoke. But I do support the right of those who do smoke to carry on poisoning themselves in appropriate places. Nobody is forced to go to clubs or pubs or bars.

  Cymro. 15:13 16 Nov 2006

I agree with most of what you say but remember that people who work in clubs+pubs have little choice but to put up with with others second hand smoke, and all too often for very little reward. You or I can always walk out, but it is not so easy for them.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:15 16 Nov 2006

I can always tell a person who smokes by their smell which even perfume/aftershave cannot mask.


  Cymro. 15:23 16 Nov 2006

To think that I myself used to smell like that once upon a time.
Why the hell should we put up with them and their filthy dirty and unhealthy habit?

  lisa02 15:59 16 Nov 2006

Me, I'm clean.

Smoking should be banned and I support the cause fully. I can enjoy more and more things without getting someone elses foul smoke all over me and in my lungs.

Not every person enjoying a drink is going to spew up and very rarely will it be "on you". A person smoking in the room is poisoning everyone each and everytime. 'You' should not be allowed a quick after dinner ciggy, if you're in a clean environment (no smoke), I'd rather not be made to feel green.

When people come to my house they are asked to smoke at the top end of the garden, not even near the front door.

It's unfortunate that tobacco was discovered hundreds of years ago, had it been a modern day thing it would have been illegal and classed accordingly.

  rodriguez 16:08 16 Nov 2006

When I'm in the pub I sit up the bar and people smoke there. I don't smoke but I just about put up with it. As for being thrown up on, that has never happened :-P I never drink enough to throw up anyway, I just drink enough to feel it and that'll do. The last time I drunk too much and threw up was ages ago. No one in my house smokes either so my aunty has to go outside for a fag when she comes over. My mom says my mates have to as well but I think just leaning out the window with it works just as good ;-)

  anskyber 16:31 16 Nov 2006

Its al about this really click here I have no problems with people smoking provided it does not endanger others.

  Kate B 17:16 16 Nov 2006

Cymro, nobody forces anyone to work in a pub or club: there are plenty of other jobs around. I understand why you say that, but I don't think that stands up as an argument.

  Jak_1 17:25 16 Nov 2006

So it seems to be Apron. I like you tolerate the foibles of others and yest castigated for mine. Kaye B, a well written post as usual, good to have someone like you around.
What I have noticed in pubs is that those who complain most about smokers are those who least oten use them. Before you intollerant ones cry out that they would use them more I will say this :
I have asked infrequent pub users who complain about smokers if they would use them more oten when smokinh is banned in them. In almost 100% of replies it was an emphatic no but when I do I want it smoke free!
People who work in pubs know that they are, for the moment anyway, places where people smoke and therefore it is their choice to work there.

I respect non smokers and if someone asks me not to smoke in their house etc, then I don't.

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