At Last!

  morddwyd 08:19 20 Oct 2009

The Tories have pledged to repeal the hunting ban.

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At last, a political party that is really determined to tackle the country's problems, instead of always wittering on about the economy, climate change and all the other unimportant stuff.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:39 20 Oct 2009

Another reason not to vote Conservative.

  Quickbeam 09:28 20 Oct 2009

More foxed are killed on the roads than in hunts.
There are more urban foxes than countryside foxes (we don't see many hunters in their pinks on our housing estate).
Farmers that that allow shooting of vermin (rabbits) on their land go ape if you dare to shoot a fox that's being saved for a hunt day.
Foxes have been imported onto hunt estates, that are short of foxes for the hunt, for over a hundred years to make sure the hunt can have a kill.
And most importantly, if you do have a real fox problem on your land, you go out that night with a lamp and a gun and shoot your fox pronto, not wait for the hunt invitations to be sent out and await the RSVPs for a Tally Ho! outing a fortnight next market day...

I don't have a problem with hunting, shooting and fishing for the table, but don't tell me that hunting foxes is in any way a means to control their numbers or to cull rampaging pests off of farmland.

  peter99co 10:56 20 Oct 2009

Estate foxes around here are fit and healthy. They live in places where lazy neighbours abandon their gardens.

  crosstrainer 11:15 20 Oct 2009

We have many here, along the river and I have seen on many occasions a Vixen plodding slowly past my back garden gate in the mornings. She seems totally unafraid of me, even if the back door is open. She just plods on past.

I like to see wildlife around, and it proves that the river Taff has finally regained it's water quality and supports a wide range of animal life.

  tein 11:48 20 Oct 2009

I personaly dont like the thought ANY animal is subject to SHOCKING pain regardless of the statistics "More foxed are killed on the roads than in hunts"? BUT in the same breathe IF my vote meant anything in the Election this would not make me change towards the Conservatives!

  bremner 11:51 20 Oct 2009

More people are killed each year in road accidents than are murdered but that does not mean we should legalise murder!

  ventanas 12:00 20 Oct 2009

I have voted conservative for more than 40 years, but if this intention to allow the barbarity of hunting with dogs to return becomes policy, then thay will have lost my vote, and very likely the votes of countless others.
The law does need amending to make it effective, but I am horrified by the idea of it being repealed.

  babybell 12:06 20 Oct 2009

At least when a fox is ran over its almost instant, cars dont tend to chase the poor animal for ages before ripping it apart for a fun.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:23 20 Oct 2009

I don't think there are many active hunt people who would argue that it is to control fox numbers.

Their arguments tend to center around tradition, employment and loss of the hunt dogs (which has not turned out to be a problem as far as i can see).

  johndrew 12:24 20 Oct 2009

Does this mean that Labour MPS will be fair game as well?

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