Lara Croft

  crosstrainer 07:01 15 Sep 2007

Sexist or not? I have just started playing the new game, and whilst I enjoy the game play and adventure aspects of the game, I can't help wondering why they would put an adventure character in the mountains of Peru wearing virtually nothing.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:24 15 Sep 2007

Most computer games are aimed at hormonal male youths and it would be churlish of me to state the obvious. Judging by the sales of Lara C, I would imagine the merchandisers have got it spot on.


  User-1159794 07:58 15 Sep 2007

Don't know If you have been to Peru,but its very hot and sticky and if you where leaping about from cliff ledge to cliff ledge,you wouldn't want your clothes to snag on a protruding branch etc.

So you can see,when you think it through,Lara is ideally dressed for the rigors of the mountains.

She also,you will have noticed Carry's a lot of gear in her backpack.Thats for balance.


  Forum Editor 08:03 15 Sep 2007

If you don't already work for a PR company I suggest you apply to one immediately.

  User-1159794 08:24 15 Sep 2007

Just a humble van driver FE.

  crosstrainer 08:56 15 Sep 2007

I've never been to Peru, but in the game, it's snowing and iced up in those mountains!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:58 15 Sep 2007

I've been to Peru and it is brass monkey weather up the mountains of the Cordillera Blanca.


  crosstrainer 09:01 15 Sep 2007

Thats how it appears in the game, shorts would not be adequate atire in those climes :}

  wee eddie 09:06 15 Sep 2007

Just go out onto the High Street by the Clubs late on a Saturday night, even mid-Winter, Miss Croft would definitely appear to be overdressed unless my eyes deceive me!

  User-1159794 09:07 15 Sep 2007

Were you folk leaping from cliff to cliff? No!
My previous post stands.

  egapup 09:41 15 Sep 2007

Im with Rapscallion but i think she's overdressed.

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