Laptop Touchpads

  Dan the Doctus 20:20 24 May 2005

I've had my laptop for the last 9 weeks now and have been using the touchpad, which is a new experience for me. One of the first things I did was disable the 'double tap' feature (mimics double click) as I found it made it impossible to use - it would activate all the time, even when I was typing as my hands would drift onto the pad sometimes. I disabled the web helper feature for the same reason (flicking left and right at the top of pad to go back and forth between web pages).

What I do like about it though is the scroll margins where I can move my finger up and down or left and right to scroll pages, in exactly the same way as a mouse wheel. If I keep my finger in a corner it will continue to scroll which I also like.

I've even been playing Half-Life 2 with it and only have problems when trying to drive a vehicle and aim my weapon at the same time (although I find running them over much easier and more fun anyway).

What do others think of touchpads? Are they better than the trackballs and mini-joysticks of old? I will be buying a mouse but wondered what others think.

  Tubster 20:24 24 May 2005

I've become accustomed to my touchpad, even the double-click and avoiding it whilst typing. There is one thing though, it's no good for intricate work or gaming as you've mentioned, i use an external mini optical mouse for anything that requires 'close-up' work.

As for better than trackballs, etc, I wouldn't know, I've never used them.

  fitcher 22:54 24 May 2005

I find the touch pad to finniky .so I use a mini mouse (not a mickey )the small finger lever on the dell laptop.(in the centre of the keyboard )is easy to use ,together with the extra two thumb keys ,

  g0slp 22:56 24 May 2005

I'm with Tubster on this, especially as I got a new mini optical mouse for £4.99 from PC World yesterday...

  jack 20:02 25 May 2005

Its case of 'Touch 'em and see'

Certainly I find the touch pads a little 'touchy'
Over the years I have tried all the regular mice and 'pen' mice - gives me writers cramp[or should it be mousers cramp?] and I have always come back to a high spec trackball - thats best for me
Go to PCW and try them out - they are good for that if not much else.

  fred 20:47 25 May 2005

Sane as others here. Bought a mouse. £2.40 from ebuyer

  Forum Editor 23:15 25 May 2005

The first thing I do when I work with a laptop is disable the touchpad and plug in a mouse. As far as I'm concerned all laptops should come with a small mouse and no touchpad - they're an invention of the devil.

  mahalo 19:32 15 Jun 2005

how do you disable the touchpad ?

  De Marcus 20:38 15 Jun 2005

mahalo, your better off posting in the helproom as this thread has been ticked.

  Jackcoms 14:22 16 Jun 2005

"how do you disable the touchpad ?"

On my Dell Inspiron, I simply plug in a USB optical mouse and it becomes the 'default'.

  field divison 15:16 16 Jun 2005

Better with a track point I find the touchpad to footery..should have bought an IBM to start off with Dan the Doctus :0)

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