Laptop speakers in Colombia

  charadegtti 19:25 17 May 2011

Im buying some speakers (2.0 or 2.1 under £40) for my girlfriend. What im after knowing is will they work ok with a mains adaptor in colombia or will I lose power etc because of the different voltage etc???

Any help much appreciated



  wee eddie 20:05 17 May 2011

Just a thought ~ The cost of getting them to Columbia might exceed their value.

  wiz-king 21:00 17 May 2011

Columbia has 110v mains so you will need ones that run on that, you will need to check the power block.

  charadegtti 21:24 17 May 2011

Im going to see her in two weeks so postage is no problem. Does anyone know of any that run on 110v off the top of there head or shall I have a little look into it??? What would happen if I just took normal uk speakers, they would just be underpowered right???

Thankyou for your help

  wee eddie 22:19 17 May 2011

I hope that you're travelling by sea, because it's going to cost you a fortune to fly them in your baggage.

  spuds 22:44 17 May 2011

If they are for usage in Colombia, and will remain there, then don't even think about buying any here in the UK. There are plenty of outlets that can provide what you want in Colombia. If they are purchased in Colombia or the UK, then the warranty might not be transferable.

With regards " Im going to see her in two weeks so postage is no problem". Excess baggage cost plus duties, plus importation of such items, might prove to be a big burden. Certain items are not allowed into Colombia, and if you go via the USA, then you will certainly have problems. If you actually sent them by air, and didn't carry them yourself, then allow 3/4 weeks for the items to arrive (but will they arrive at their intended final destination. And I don't say that in a light-hearted manner?).

What part of Colombia are you visiting, because there are some 'duty free' areas at some borders.

  Woolwell 23:06 17 May 2011

On arrival you could end up paying import tax. This could be be quite high.

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