Laptop Optical Drive

  morddwyd 09:47 27 Dec 2009

I've just read a review of a laptop with no optical drive.

Now I cannot understand for the life of me how practical this would be,

You can't play anything, you can't install anything, and if, as I have done on my current laptop, you inadvertently wipe the recovery partition, does it not simply become an expensive paperweight?

Anybody got one, or with experience of one?

Just asking for interest's sake.

  morddwyd 09:47 27 Dec 2009

Sorry, meant to put this in the Helproom.

  LinH 10:20 27 Dec 2009


I have a netbook, and like all netbooks, it does not have an optical drive. Is it a problem? Not really if you take suitable precautions i.e don't rely on a backup/recovery on the hdd. I made an image and keep that on an external hdd, likewise folder backups.

As regards installation issues, you are quite right, it does present problems so you really need to factor into the package an external dvd writer if you are thinking of buying one.


  morddwyd 10:40 27 Dec 2009

Wouldn't expect one a netbook which tends to be a bit more for leisure use, and to a lower spec.

I was specifically thinking of laptops, frequently used for work or more intensive tasks

  cream. 11:31 27 Dec 2009

take up space, add weight, consume a lot of power and are rarely used in normal day to day tasks. Also solid state hard drives will become the norm in a lot of machines to give the user a lighter unit with a longer battery life.

Installations and games can be installed via lan, usb, flash drives or external optical drives. Patches for games will make them run without inserting a cd to kick start them. Recovery partitions will install the operating system without the aid of the O?S cd.

  Curio 11:41 27 Dec 2009

External Optical Drives are available if you cannot do without one. I have one specifically for Lightscribe discs and have had no problems.

  Strawballs 13:45 27 Dec 2009

My son has one for college (easier to carry around) I have set up the optical on one of my desktops for shareing and he just puts any disc into that and uses it across network.

  morddwyd 15:20 27 Dec 2009

Thanks all.

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